Add glamor to your fall decorations with metallic pumpkins

Decorating for fall can corner you into bright oranges, reds and yellows; pumpkins and gourds; cornucopia and leaves. This year, try glitzing up your autumnal aesthetic with a few strategically placed metallic pumpkins. Transform any pumpkin into a shiny fall decor element, allowing you to update your home’s fall look in an afternoon.
Before purchasing paint, take note of the color scheme of your home. Is it mostly warm colors or cool ones? Are metallic accents already present that you can match? Pick the metallic acrylic paint that best suits your needs, keeping in mind it may take several layers to completely cover a pumpkin. A small charm enhances its feminine charm.
- Small or medium pumpkin
- Painters tape
- DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Acrylic Paint in Rich Espresso
- Plastic pain palette
- Medium artist's brush
- Sparkle tape
- Scissors
- Ribbon (optional)
- Charm or pendant (optional)
- Hot glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Wash and dry the pumpkin completely.
2. Create a ring around the top of the pumpkin with painters tape, keeping the circles as even as possible. The top of the painters tape does not need to be flat.
3. Completely cover the pumpkin with the acrylic paint until the metallic patina is opaque. This may take a couple of layers. Allow the paint to dry a bit between layers.
4. Remove the painters tape once the paint is completely dry.
5. Place a strip of sparkly tape around the top edge of the metallic paint. Go slowly and use thinner sparkly tape to achieve a clean look.
6. Thread the charm or buckle-style bead on the ribbon. Pull enough ribbon through to allow you to keep the charm in the middle of the pumpkin and wrap around the back of the pumpkin.
7. Adhere the charm and ribbon with a small dot of hot glue.
8. Wrap the ribbon around to the back of the pumpkin before cutting it with scissors. Secure the two ends of the ribbon to the pumpkin with another drop of hot glue.
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