Design your home oasis with a floral arrangement

Life can be hectic and trying to relax amid the chaos is difficult without the right environment. Your home can be the oasis you need to decompress from your day. All you need are the right details to ease your mind. Creating your own planter using materials that don’t require upkeep and that can be updated whenever you like is the first step towards zen.
This simple project is quick to make and easy to update whenever you need to do so. Soothing river rocks and faux flower blooms will add an elegant and feminine calm to any room you place it. By using faux flowers, you won’t need to worry about keeping up with watering them, and by adding a soothing candle in your favorite scent, any corner of your home can be your happy place.
- Silver tray
- White river rocks, enough to fill the bottom of your tray
- Faux flowers, with the stem trimmed off
- Candle (optional)
DIY Everywhere
1. Place your silver tray on a flat working surface. Consider wiping the tray with a window cleaner to enhance the mirror effect.
2. Fill the tray with white river rocks, available at most craft stores in various colors. You can choose other colors of river rocks to match the aesthetic of your home. For a monochromatic palette, pick out any discolored or mismatched rocks you find.
3. Continue adding enough rocks to create an even layer along the bottom of the tray. Take care to not overfill the tray.
4. Place your faux flowers throughout the silver tray. Have fun with this part, and express your personal style. By using the river rocks to secure the faux flowers, you can update your arrangement anytime you like with new flowers or a new design.
5. Display your planter as an elegant design piece anywhere in your home. Add a candle or diffuser to add a pleasant aroma to your floral arrangement.