Own the party with this bolder-than-bold wine cork ring

If you’ve amassed a collection of wine bottle corks from past good times, harvest a few and transform them into striking jewelry pieces. For instance, a painted piece of cork can become the featured “stone” on a modern, geometric ring.
This DIY goes for a bold look and really makes a statement. Its cocktail ring status makes it an accessory that will unapologetically offset any look. After cutting a thin disk from the wine cork, you can create any shape you want, from symmetrical and circular to a Picasso-esque abstract triangle. It’s up to you how you size your handcrafted ring. You can wear it traditionally at the knuckle or make it a mid-finger or upper finger ring. However you choose to wear the wine cork ring, it will draw all the right kinds of attention!
- Wine cork
- Utility knife
- Chalk paint
- Small fine art paintbrush
- Ring blank with glue pad or unadorned setting
- Hot glue gun
- Glue sticks
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut two ¼-inch slices from end of the wine cork with the utility knife.
2. Place one of the disks flat on the work surface and trim off one rounded edge from the disk with the knife. It should look like a thick semicircle.
3. Coat the edge and one of the flat sides of the cork piece with paint.
4. Set it down on its unpainted side and let the paint dry.
5. Place a few drops of hot glue onto the ring blank’s glue pad.
6. Press down the unpainted side of the cork to the pad and let it dry.

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