Have some mini pumpkins on hand? Transform them into candles for autumn

Looking for a creative way to make the most of mini pumpkins this season? This unbelievably simple DIY elevates a mini pumpkin into an elegant candle. In minutes you can have a festive accent for an end table. A set of these candles arranged down the center of a dining room table would be a sophisticated centerpiece for Thanksgiving.
Aside from the pumpkins, many crafters may find that they already have the necessary materials for this project. If you don’t have floral wire readily available, another small gauge wire will work just as well. There’s also no reason why you can’t use a wax votive candle instead of a battery-powered one. To make the most of this craft, clean and roast the pumpkin seeds with your favorite spices for a yummy autumnal treat.
- Small pumpkin
- Knife
- Spoon
- Floral wire
- Wire cutters
- Small flowers (faux or real will work)
- Battery-powered votive candle
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut open the top of the small pumpkin around the stem.
2. Use the spoon to scrape the seeds off the bottom of the stem and out from inside the pumpkin.
3. Cut a piece of floral wire about 1 inch long. Bend the wire slightly in the middle, then pierce both ends through the top of a flower. Stick the ends of the wire into the rim of the pumpkin.
4. Continue adding flowers as in step 3, arranging them as desired.
5. After you’ve arranged the flowers around the rim of the pumpkin, turn on a battery-powered votive candle, and stick it inside.
6. Display your completed pumpkin candle. Enjoy!