Update your furniture by making over an old folding chair

Most people probably have folding chairs, but much of the time they simply collect dust in a closet until it's time to pull them out for a family function. Instead of keeping them out of sight until they're needed, give those old chairs a makeover and create furniture pieces that you'll use more than once or twice a year.
By turning boring folding chairs into eye-catching accent furniture, you can simultaneously redecorate your living space while adding room to a storage closet, which makes this DIY project a win on all accounts. All you'll need is a few tools plus a folding chair.
- Metal folding chair
- Power drill
- Medium to large paintbrush or cloth
- Can of spray paint
- Tarp or old sheet
- Needle-nose pliers
- Fabric (about 1/2 yard)
- Heavy-duty craft stapler
- Scissors
1. Close the folding chair and place it face down on a flat surface.
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2. Remove all the screws holding the seat cushion into place with the power drill and set them aside.
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3. Flip over the chair and remove the top back support cushion by taking out the screws with the power drill. Set them aside.
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4. Wipe all surfaces of the chair clean with a clean towel, or brush it clean with the paintbrush.
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5. Cover the flat surface with a tarp or old sheet.
6. Open the chair and set it upright on top of the tarp or sheet.
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7. Spray the chair in one to two coats of spray paint and allow to dry.
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It typically takes spray paint between three and eight hours to fully dry.
8. Lay the seat cushion face down on a flat surface. Remove the staples with the needle-nose pliers, and remove the fabric that was covering the cushion.
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9. Place the new fabric square face down on the flat surface, and put the bare seat cushion face down on top of it. (Leave enough fabric for the top cushion as well).
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10. Fold the fabric over the edges of the seat cushion, and pull it taut.
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11. Secure the fabric to the cushion with the heavy-duty craft stapler. Cut away excess fabric from the center of the chair with scissors.
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12. Repeat steps 8 through 11 for the top cushion.
13. Once the spray paint has dried, fold up the chair lay it down on the work surface.
14. Secure both cushions back to the chair with the same screws you removed earlier.
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Admire your work!
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