When the wine is gone, turn the cork into a stylish anklet

Accessorizing is a fun way to add a personal touch to any outfit. While necklaces and earrings seem to be the go-to accessories, incorporating an anklet is an easy route to changing up a look. Perfect with capri pants or with a skirt, an anklet is a simple, yet decorative accessory that can be customized to match a variety of preferences. While it would be easy to go out and purchase an anklet from a jewelry store, there’s no reason not to create a one-of-a-kind version right at home. Recycle an old wine cork by turning it into an anklet that puts color and eco-friendly fashion on display.
A round slice of cork can be cut to the perfect size and used as the central bead for a DIY anklet. Adding a painted flower to the surface gives the final look feminine and seasonal flair. String the cork bead in combination with a variety of colorful beads onto a string of elastic to complete the accessory. The stretch of the elastic makes this anklet easy to put on and remove, while the colorful beads bring a pop of eye-catching color to the ankle.
-Wine cork
-Utility knife
-Flower stencil
-White acrylic paint
-Yellow acrylic paint
-Thin-tipped paintbrush
-Elastic string
-Blue beads (21 or as many as are needed to circle the ankle)
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut half an inch off one end of a wine cork with a utility knife to create a flat surface.
2. Cut a second circle from the cork, directly behind the first cut, at least half an inch thick.
3. Position the second circle of cork flat on a working surface.
4. Place a flower stencil on the cork.
5. Fill in the petals with white acrylic paint being sure to angle the brush straight down so the paint doesn’t seep under the stencil.
6. Fill in the center of the flower stencil with yellow acrylic paint.
7. Thread elastic string through the eye of a needle, and cut the elastic away at approximately 12 inches in length.
8. Thread colorful beads onto the elastic using the needle to guide the string through the center hole of each bead. Begin by stringing half of the beads needed to circle the ankle.
9. Press the needle through the center of the cork circle horizontally to string it onto the elastic. Use pliers if needed to pull the sharp end of the needle through the opposite side of the cork. Make sure the painted flower is facing out.
10. String the remaining colorful beads onto the elastic.
11. Remove the needle and knot the elastic ends together tightly. Cut away any excess elastic string.
12. Stretch the elastic over the foot to wear this colorful and beautiful accessory as an anklet.

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