Create a pair of statement earrings from left-over wine corks

Adding an activity to your ladies’ night gives you and your friends a chance to create together. While many larger-sized earrings can be heavy and stretch your ear lobe, using wine corks as a key material keeps your bold earrings lightweight and totally customizable.
Your friends will love the chance to make their wine cork earrings unique to their style. Pick up plenty of different charms to give all your guests options for their earrings. Each pair only needs two slices of a wine cork, so plan on one or two corks per person. For a more flashy pair of earrings, add additional charms or decorations. Get creative together and leave your friends with a lasting memory of your night together.
- Wine corks
- X-Acto knife
- Screw eye pins, 2 per earring
- Jump rings, 2 per earring
- Charm (optional)
- Jewelry making pliers
- (2) Fishhook ball ear wire
DIY Everywhere
1. Using an X-Acto knife, remove one end of the wine cork.
2. Cut two equal slices of the wine cork, about 1/2-inch thick each. Set one slice aside.
3. On one side of your first wine cork slice, screw in the screw eye pin until the eyelet is flush with the cork.
4. On the exact opposite side of the round, screw in the other screw eye pin.
5. Using a jump ring, attach a fun charm to one of the screw eye pins. Use jewelry pliers to gently open the jump ring, loop it through the ring for the charm, then gently push it closed with jewelry pliers.
6. Using a second jump ring, attach a fishhook ball earring to the other screw eye pin.
7. Repeat these steps with the other wine cork slice to complete your pair of vintner-inspired earrings for your next wine tasting.

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