Trace around a metal bowl on top of a chair & make a cool DIY your pet will love

Have you ever wanted to give your pet one of those adorable feeding stations that offers them both kibble and water whenever they're feeling peckish or thirsty? Unfortunately, the more functional and aesthetically pleasing these feeding stations are, the more expensive they likely to be as well. This is why most people just place a dish on a mat or straight on the floor, which is a less elegant and messier solution.
If you were looking for a way to create your own feeding station for Fido or Kitty Boo, you can do so with an old wooden chair and a little know how. This craft is functional, easy to do and looks great in a kitchen, entryway or wherever your pet goes for some sustenance. All of the other fur baby moms and dads in your life will wonder where you got it, and you can beam with pride when you tell them you made it yourself.
-Wooden straight back chair without arms (We used this chair from IKEA.)
-Power drill
-5/8-inch drill bit
-Metal pet bowls (2) (We used these bowls, which you can buy on Amazon.)
-Chalk paint (We used Folk Art Home Decor Chalk in Pine.)
-White acrylic paint for the details
-Sanding block
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the chair in the center of your workspace. A garage is an ideal place to work on this intensive craft. Next, place the pet bowls on top of the chair's seat, facing upward. Draw a thin pencil line around their bottoms. Then flip them over and draw another thin pencil line around their tops.
2. Now, you should have four circles that look like two dinner plates. Mark another circle in between the lines of each of the two, concentric circles. You will use that middle line for cutting.
3. Use the power drill to make a hole on the middle circle on each of the two pet bowl holes. The drill bit you use must be large enough to fit the jigsaw blade through the hole it makes. We used a 5/8-inch drill bit. Brush away the excess wood chips after drilling the hole.
4. Next, feed the saw through the hole, and cut through the wood with the jigsaw using the middle circle as a guide. When you cut each hole, place the bowl inside to make sure the hole is big enough for the bowl to fit but not so large the bowl falls through. It should sit in the hole comfortably.
5. Remove the bowls again, and use a sanding block to sand down the wood around the newly cut holes. Once the wood is smooth, turn the chair on its side so that the seat is facing away from you.
6. To cut the legs off the chair, measure five inches from the chair seat with your ruler, and mark this distance on the leg with a pencil. Do this on all four legs. Hold the chair steady by placing your foot on the bottom leg, and cut the top legs off using the jigsaw. Turn the chair over, and cut the other two legs off in the same fashion.
7. Use the sanding block to sand down the bottoms of the legs so that they will sit comfortably on the floor. Turn the chair right-side-up to make sure it sits as it should without leaning to the side or being wobbly.
8. Paint the whole chair, including the seat, the back, the legs and inside the holes, with the chalk paint. The only part you don't have to worry about is the very bottom of the seat, which no one will see. Turn the chair right-side-up again, and let it dry.
9. Once the chair is dry, place the pet bowls inside the holes. Use your ruler to measure out where to place the words "Yum" and "Slurp," so that they are centered in front of the food and water bowls, respectively. Write these words with pencil.
10. Next, use the acrylic paint to paint over the words, so they stand out from the background color. Use your pencil to draw paw prints on the back of the chair, and paint over them with the detail paint as well.
Now, you have a pet feeding station that is fun, adorable and easy to clean, as well as much cheaper than the ones you'd normally find online or in stores. Your pet will thank you!