20+ budget-friendly home improvement ideas for the inside of your home

Are parts of your home in need of a major makeover? Home improvement costs can really add up over time, especially if you contract out the work to the pros. Luckily, there are many home improvement projects and ideas that you can take on yourself on the cheap.
The list below covers a wide range of possibilities from making over an old cabinet to upgrading dated flooring. It turns out $100 goes a long way if you are diligent and efficient about using it. Once you see these ideas, you'll fall in love with DIY, too.
1. DIY geometric flooring (h/t Vintage Revivals)
What does this geometric floor consist of? Hand cut pine 1×4s. 2 days of work. $80. The character and charm these wood tiles add completely transform the room.
2. Upgrade a drawer pull with an old brooch
Switching out your drawer pulls is one of the quickest and most eye-catching ways to give an old cabinet or dresser a face-lift. Distinctive drawer pulls can add color, texture and character to an otherwise plain piece of furniture. Get the full tutorial here.
3. Add glass to cabinet doors (h/t Confessions of a Serial DIYer)
If you are tired of the traditional wood look of your kitchen cabinets, you aren't alone. Opt to swap the old wood for glass instead. You'll finally be able to show off your silverware and fine china!
4. DIY lampshade makeover
This lampshade project fabulously elevates a plain white or cream shade by using, of all things, humble paper napkins. An endless array of napkins available in stores means that you can pick images that speak to you and colors that work well within the space your lamp will occupy. Another bonus is the fact that the project takes just a short time to complete. Get the full tutorial here.
5. DIY 2x4 kitchen cabinets (h/t Cherished Bliss)
Upgrade your kitchen cabinets with a chic industrial-modern finish. The doors are made from cut MDF with shiplap attached to the front. For that industrial design finish, they are wrapped in faux steel.
6. Makeover a bathroom for under $100 (h/t Twelve on Main)
A fresh coat of white paint goes a long way to increasing the brightness of a room. Likewise, make sure you decorate with a fun shower curtain that complements the rest of the room. Add some wood trims and wire baskets for that farmhouse feel.
7. Swap old carpet for cheap, chic stair runner (h/t Unexpected Elegance)
As the years go by, it's easy for carpet to wear down and get pretty gross. Instead of replacing it with new carpet, opt for an inexpensive stair runner instead. The one pictured below cost a total of $123.
8. Add crown molding to a room
Crown molding always add a touch of elegance to a room, especially if it's the master bedroom. Most professionals will charge $4 to $8 per linear foot just to install the molding. Luckily, you can do this yourself.
9. DIY herringbone faux backplash (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
If you are not ready to splurge on expensive tiles, try this faux herringbone backsplash look instead. Believe it or not, this design is made from black paint pens!
10. Faux cement tile painted floors (h/t Bright Green Door)
This DIY takes the cake on floor makeovers! A stenciled design makes a dramatic statement to a hallway. Your guests won't believe that these were made from stencils.

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