Keep the party going by designing a cork seat chair

It’s not unusual to collect more home goods than you need over time without even realizing it. While spring cleaning, moving homes or simply rearranging, many homeowners are shocked to see just how much that they have acquired through the years. Fortunately, a little creativity goes a long way towards repurposing some of those miscellaneous items that are currently being stored away. When a spare chair has been stumbled upon, don’t let it sit in the garage collecting dust. Instead, combine it with that collection of wine corks for a unique take on seating style.
A simple base coat of gray paint is a quick and easy way to give an unfinished chair an elegant sheen to which plenty of fun accent items can be added. Once the paint is dry, the chair’s seat is a blank canvas just waiting to be decorated with wine corks. Line them up horizontally and attached them with super glue until the entire surface is covered. The final look is one that’s perfect for a party and is only enhanced by adding a bottle opener and hook to the chair’s arm. When you have completed work on the the chair, you can set it in the kitchen as a fun accent piece next to the wine that’s also useful when it’s time to celebrate with family and friends.
-Unfinished wood chair
-Sanding block
-Dusting brush
-Gray Home Decor Chalk
-Large paintbrush
-Gorilla super glue
-Wine corks (as many as are needed to cover the seat of the chair)
-Bottle opener
-Screws (4)
-Cordless power drill
-Metal hook
DIY Everywhere
1. Sand an unfinished wood chair with a sanding block until the entire surface is smooth.
2. Run a dusting brush over the chair to remove any excess debris from sanding.
3. Paint the entire chair using gray Home Decor Chalk.
4. Apply a line of Gorilla super glue lengthwise down a wine cork and press it to the seat of the chair horizontally beginning in the bottom left corner.
5. Continue securing wine corks to the chair’s seat until it’s completely covered. Make sure wine cork edges touch so there are no spaces within the pattern.
6. Position a bottle opener on the left side of the back of the chair and mark the attachment points using a cordless power drill to create shallow holes.
7. Secure the bottle opener to the side of the chair with the drill and two screws.
8. Position a metal hook approximately 6-inches below the bottle opener and mark the attachments using the drill and creating shallow holes.
9. Secure the hook in place with the drill and two screws.
10. Place the chair in the kitchen next to the wine bottles or bring it out when family and friends are over to celebrate.

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