This tea towel transformation results in an apron that's useful and stylish

When it comes to keeping the kitchen clean, having a tea towel or two close by is always helpful. These simple cuts of fabric can be found in the majority of homes and are useful for spills when cooking or as napkins when hosting a tea time with family and friends. While it’s easy to assume they serve only a single purpose, colorful tea towels combined together can be turned into a personalized apron.
Keep clothes in pristine condition while working in the kitchen by taking time to combine some tea towels in stylish fashion. Three tea towels will do the trick when designing an apron that includes ties and multiple pockets. Consider picking a variety of colors and patterns for a bold final look. Going with a checkered blue and white on a solid colored background is a nice way to incorporate a bit of country charm into the apron as well. Once the cutting and sewing are done, simply hang the apron up in the kitchen so it’s always available when needed. The cotton and linen mix of most tea towels means this apron will not only be effective, but extra comfortable to wear.
-Tea towels (3)
-Measuring tape
-Ironing board
-Sewing machine
-Thread snips
-Sewing pins
-Oil pencil
-D-rings (2)
DIY Everywhere
1. Fold a tea towel in half.
2. Cut the tea towel along the fold line.
3. Measure 15” across one half of the tea towel and trim away any excess fabric.
4. Fold and press both of the raw edges of the tea towel to ¼” using an iron.
5. Stitch the pressed edges with a sewing machine and snip away excess thread throughout the process.
6. Fold the second tea towel in half to find the center line and mark it with sewing pins.
7. Unfold the second tea towel on a flat surface and position the smaller tea towel with stitched edges on top. Make sure the backsides of each of the towel are facing each other and the smaller towel is centered at the top of the larger one.
8. Pin the smaller tea towel to the larger one keeping ¼” away from the edge.
9. Stitch down the pinned edge.
10. Flip the smaller tea towel up and pin it to the very edge of the larger tea towel.
11. Top stitch along the edge of the larger tea towel.
12. Open and lay out the second half of the smaller tea towel on an ironing board that was cut in step two.
13. Turn and press the raw edges to ¼”.
14. Stitch down the pressed edges.
15. Center the second smaller tea towel over the larger tea towel.
16. Pin the second smaller tea towel in place on both sides and down the center.
17. Stitch down the sides, bottom and center of the second smaller tea towel to create the apron pockets.
18. Unfold a third tea towel and measure out three 3” wide strips using a ruler and oil pencil for accuracy. Cut them out lengthwise.
19. Fold each of the strips in half lengthwise before pressing the folds. Turn the raw edges into the center of the fold and press once more.
20. Pin one end of each folded strip with right sides together.
21. Tuck the raw edges in on each strip and stitch the pressed edges together.
22. Sew the pinned end of each strip together then trim the excess to create three apron straps.
23. Pin one strap ¼” away from the top right corner of the large tea towel.
24. Repeat the process with a second strap on the top left side of the large tea towel.
25. Cut a 3” piece of fabric from the third strap and set it to the side.
26. Pin the third strap ¼” away from the top right corner of the first small tea towel.
27. Stitch down all the straps making sure to back tack each one.
27. Loop two D-rings through the 3” strap of fabric that was cut earlier. Fold and pin the fabric ¼” from the left bottom corner of the first small tea towel.
28. Flip the straps and pin along the edge of the corners.
29. Top stitch along the edge of each corner to secure the straps.
30. Hang the finished apron in the kitchen to keep clothes clean whenever culinary inspiration hits.