Create a seasonal glow with string lights by designing a flower for the wall

The holidays are right around the corner, and chances are homes everywhere are about to be filled with seasonal decorations and lights. Although the best intentions are always set when it comes to purchasing the right number of holiday decorations, it’s highly likely that once the tree is strung an extra length or two of string lights will be left. Instead of bundling them up and storing them for next year, create a unique work of wall art by creating a flower that glows.
Strategically placed white tape is all that’s needed to design this string light flower and keep it in place on a wall. Positioning it behind an end table allows the electrical cord to be hidden as the stem of lights stretches up from the outlet to the petals. From here, creative opportunities are endless as the string is folded into a decorative shape that creates the look of a whimsical holiday flower. Setting a vase filled with living flowers in front is a nice touch for accenting the design. Even though the string lights speak ideally to the holiday season, this sparkling work of wall art would work well any time of year.
- String lights
- White painters tape, 1 inch wide
DIY Everywhere
1. Unravel a length of string lights.
2. Fold a small piece of white painters tape into a loop and position it on the wall about 3 feet up from an end table and over an electrical outlet.
3. Fold a second piece of tape into a loop and place it on the wall directly above the first piece, leaving 3 inches of space between.
4. Press a length of string lights to the two pieces of tape to look like the stem of a flower. Make sure the string lights are long enough to run behind the table and reach the outlet.
5. Work the remaining length of string light above the stem into a design that resembles five petals.
6. Tape loops underneath the string keep the design in place on the wall.
7. When the design is complete, plug the string lights into the outlet.