These DIY tablecloth curtains are anything but shady

Few things in life feel better than a successful up-cycling project, particularly one that saves you money and frustration. Like many things in adulthood, curtains are a surprisingly costly necessity, so wouldn't you rather make them on your own? Much in the same way that Maria famously outfitted the Von Trapp children with garments made from old curtains in The Sound of Music, you can outfit your windows with curtains from old tablecloths.
The process of creating this DIY makeover is surprisingly simple, and you'll be left with a set of curtains that fits perfectly with your personal aesthetic. After all, you purchased the tablecloths in the first place, so you might as well give them a second life as curtains.
- 2 Tablecloths
- Sewing machine and/or serger
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Marking tool
- Rotary cutter
- Cutting mat
- Pins
- Iron and ironing board
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1. Start by measuring your windows and cutting the tablecloth to the proper length to fit. Make sure to leave an allowance of 1.5" at the bottom, 1" at the top, and 1/2“ on each side for hems and seams.
2. Once the tablecloth is trimmed, pin the bottom for a 1.5" in hem, then serge and hem bottom and sides. Press the hem with the iron so it lays flat.
3. Decide where you'd like the pleats to fall on your curtain, then pin them at the top. Make sure the spacing aligns with any print on the fabric. For example, a striped fabric should have pleats that line up with the stripes uniformly.
4. Use your ruler to measure a few inches down from the top, marking a uniform stop for each pleat. Sew the pleats, removing pins as you go. Iron the pleats so the extra fabric lays flush.
3. Fold any extra fabric that you trimmed off into fourths and pin it in place. Sew the fabric into this structure, it will probably be about 1" wide once sewn. Cut the sewn strip into 6” sections.
4. Fold each section in half to create a loop, then slide the strips into the pleats so you have a way to attach the curtain to the rod. Pin the loops in place, and then sew them.
5. Repeat the entire process with the second tablecloth so you can over both halves of your window.