Fold a tea towel & build this adorable project

A fun up-do is a go-to look for many women. Whether you're growing out your lob or getting your ultra-long tresses out of your face for the day, throwing your mane into a cute bun or ponytail is an easy, classic look. When you don a headscarf or clip, you can upgrade your up-do from a simple solution to a problem to a real fashion statement.
With this tutorial, you can make your own hair twist from a tea towel. This look is reminiscent of Rosie the Riveter and those classic, retro pictures from the ‘40s and ‘50s. The wire allows you to set a twist that won’t wilt during the day and will stay put. Use a couple of different tea towels to make yourself a variety of fun and flirty hair twists.
- Fabric cutting mat
- Tea towel
- Rotary fabric cutter
- Fabric marker
- Ruler
- Straight pins
- Sewing machine
- Iron and ironing board
- Scissors
- Wire
- Flush cutters
- Round nose pliers
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay your tea towel on top of the cutting mat. Use the rotary cutter to trim off the edges. 
2. With a ruler and fabric marker, measure out two 2-by-10-inch strips using the corner of the tea towel to measure. Cut out the strips with the rotary cutter, and put the rest of the tea towel to the side for later. 
3. Place the two strips together, and cut one end on an angle. Pin the strips together.
4. Cut two more strips following the same steps. Stack the strips and cut the opposite side as the first set at an angle. Pin the strips together.
5. Sew each set of strips together on the straight side with the wrong sides of the fabric together to create two long strips.
6. Iron the strips to flatten the sewed area.
7. Pin the two long strips with the right sides of the fabric together. Match up the angled edges.
8. Sew around the pinned strips on three sides, leaving one of the long sides unsewn.
9. Trim the corners of the angled sides, and turn the long strip right side out.
10. Iron your strip to flatten the seams you just sewed. On the side left open, fold in the edges and iron them flat.
11. Measure out enough wire to match the length of your strip. Trim with flush cutters.
12. Use the round nose pliers to twist each end of the length of wire into small circles.
13. Place the wire inside the fabric strip and pin.
14. Sew the fabric strip closed with the wire trapped inside. Use it to add a retro flair to any up-do.