Don't throw out old roller skates. Turn them into a stylish vase instead

Roller skating is a fun activity that has taught generations the skill of balancing on four wheels. Ample time spent on the rink floor can be exciting but often leads to needing to replace roller skates. Instead of throwing out a worn pair of roller skates, or if you have a vintage skate on hand, consider transforming them into a decorative household item. With just a little creativity and time, roller skates can be given new life as a vase for displaying a bouquet of colorful faux flowers.
The shape of a roller skate lends itself to being a container, and decorative touches are easy to add to showcase personal style. Colorful twine replaces old laces, and a foam block creates an interior base for the flowers. Covering the skate wheels in colorful thread adds texture and keeps the skate from rolling away once it’s placed on display. A roller skate vase is a fun option that highlights a living room, child's playroom or book nook.
- White roller skates
- Colorful twine
- Scissors
- Painter’s tape
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
- Foam block
- Faux flower bouquet, sprigs and leaves
- Wire cutters
- Distress Oxide ink pad in brown
- Paintbrush
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove the laces from a roller skate.
2. Measure and cut a length of colorful twine that's the same length as the lace.
3. Rethread the skate using the colorful twine. If the ends begin to fray, wrap them with a small piece of painter’s tape to better fit through the loops. Stop at the top loops, and leave the excess twine loose on either side of the skate.
4. Position the skate on its side, and apply hot glue to the center of the back wheel that’s facing up. Press the end of a length of colorful twine to the glue to secure it.
5. Continue applying hot glue to the wheel and adding twine in concentric circles until the entire wheel is covered.
6. Wrap and secure the front wheel in twine in the same manner as the back wheel.
7. Stand the roller skate upright, and insert a foam block where someone's foot would go.
8. Cut a bouquet of faux flowers to size using wire cutters, and insert the flowers into the foam block.
9. Continue adding faux floral sprigs, leaves and stems to the arrangement.
10. Wrap the loose twine ends on either side of the skate around the neck of the skate up to the second set of hooks.
11. Tie the two ends of twine into a bow. Cut away excess twine, and apply a spot of hot glue to the ends to keep them from fraying.
12. Press a Distress Oxide ink pad over the heel and length of the roller skate to apply color.
13. Blend the ink on the skate with a paintbrush to create a vintage look.
14. Let the ink dry before displaying the roller skate vase.

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