Save your old bedsheets and copy these DIYs

Before you declutter your linen closet, check out this list of six-plus ways to repurpose old bedsheets. Bedsheets offer several yards of usable fabric that are perfect for comfy projects like slippers, a scarf or a sleeping mask. Not only will it save you hundreds of dollars on new fabric from the store, but your finished projects will make you feel like you’re living in a cloud of luxury.
If you love surrounding yourself in softness, then chances are you’ll want to create several of these accessories for your home. Make a bathmat with bedsheets and instantly upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom. Normal pj bottoms are a household must-have, but pj pants made from bedsheets dial the coziness factor up to 11. While you’re at it, make a few copies for your friends, so they can enjoy continual comfort, too!
How to make a bathmat from bedsheets
Give your bathroom a quick and cozy upgrade with this bathmat made from bedsheets. The tassel trim adds a trendy touch, while the soft fabric feels like a dream beneath your feet. For an even more cohesive look, consider making a half-circle mat to place in front of the sink and a rectangular mat for next to the tub. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a floor cushion from bedsheets
Need extra seating that you can store in a snap? Make a stack of these comfortable floor cushions with old bedsheets. Not only are they useful for when friends come over, but one placed in a corner with soft lighting and scented candles doubles as a relaxing meditation nook. Find the instructions here.
How to make pajama bottoms from bedsheets
Disappear into pillowy softness with pj bottoms made from old bedsheets. Whether you’re using linen, cotton or flannel sheets, they’re guaranteed to feel comfy and keep you toasty warm all year long. This is a fun project for novice sewers because pj pants don't demand perfection. Just be sure to research what size needle and type of thread you should use with your fabric; fabrics like flannel can be hard on sewing machines and sometimes need a larger needle. Get the tutorial here.
How to make slippers from bedsheets
Get chilly toes around the house? These DIY slippers are like a hug for your feet. Flannel sheets would work particularly well for this project, thanks to the thicker fabric, which gives your soles padding and keeps your toes toasty. Simplify your holiday shopping and make a few sets of slippers for the homebodies in your life. Find the instructions here.
How to make a scarf from bedsheets
If you struggle to get out of bed, then this scarf made from bedsheets will be your new best friend. Simply toss it on top of your outfit for the day, and take the coziness of bed to go! A scarf made from flannel sheets is ideal for colder climates, while cotton sheets make more sense for mild weather. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a sleeping mask from bed sheets
Channel your inner Holly Golightly with a sleeping mask as comfy as the rest of your bed. The mask blocks out light for a solid night’s sleep, while the soft fabric is good for the delicate skin around your eyes. Sleep masks can even help you fall asleep quicker and are worth trying out if you’re prone to dry eyes at night, as the mask will help keep moisture beneath your lids. Go ahead and make one of these — you deserve it. Find the instructions here.
How to make a garment bag from bedsheets
In search of the perfect garment bag? This garment bag made from bedsheets is trendier and more affordable than a store-bought black bag. It’ll keep your clothes protected and wrinkle-free in style, all while using repurposed materials and being easy on your budget. The finished bag is so beautiful, you can hang it on the wall, and it’ll be eye-catching instead of an eyesore. Get the tutorial here.

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