Lady paints clay pot with Mod Podge, creates beautiful DIY in minutes

Terra-cotta pots are beautiful, versatile items that can be turned into almost anything. Still, their best feature is the way they make a lovely home for a bouquet of fresh or silk flowers. And because of their versatility, they can easily be turned into a simple yet eye-catching centerpiece for anywhere in your home.
Choose to fill these pots with flowers, and put them on your dining room table, your sideboard, a windowsill in your child's bedroom or the patio outside, and they'll add a pretty, natural feel to any area. This is also a very easy DIY that requires few ingredients, but can dress up a table in no time flat.
- Three clay terra-cotta pots in three different sizes (one small, one medium and one large)
- Three different heights of white lace trim to be chosen based on the pot sizes
- Scissors
- Mod Podge glue, sealer and finish for decoupaging
- Small bowl
- Paintbrush
- Real or silk flowers, cut and arranged to fit inside each of the terra-cotta pots
1. To decorate the medium-sized terra-cotta pot, place it on a clean, dry work surface like a table. Use a roll of lace about one inch in height to wrap around the outside of the pot underneath the rim. Tie the lace in a large bow at the front of the pot. Cut the ends of the lace bow diagonally, so they match one another.
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2. To decorate the small terra-cotta pot, place it in the same clean, dry workspace, and make sure the lace you're using is about the same height as the outer rim of the pot. Pour Modge Podge decoupage glue into a small bowl, and use a paintbrush to paint the outer rim of pot with glue.
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3. Cut a length of lace a little longer than the outer rim of the pot, and press it down onto the glue on all sides, making sure the lace doesn't pucker.
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If a little bit of lace sticks up from the top of the rim, that's okay. Let it dry. Use scissors to carefully cut away the excess lace, and paint a little more Modge Podge onto the area where the two pieces of lace meet, so it won't fray or hang off the pot.
4. Place the pot right-side up, and use Modge Podge to carefully paint the lip of the pot. As you do so, gently curve the excess lace over the top of the pot, so it will not interfere with the transfer of flowers from or to the pot.
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Tip: It also looks nicer if you do this last step, as it can look a little unfinished if you let the lace design stick up over the top of the pot.
5. To decorate the large terra-cotta pot, make sure you have lace that will wrap comfortably three or four times around the base of the pot. Paint a line of Modge Podge onto the pot beneath the rim, and affix the lace to the pot.
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Continue painting with glue and pressing the lace down until there is a ring of lace going all the way around the pot. Like before, use scissors to cut off the excess lace, and add a little more glue to where the ends meet, making sure they are glued down flat. Let it dry.
6. Make sure the lace is glued down flat on both sides. You may want to lift it up slightly at the ends to add more glue, or you may be able to add glue by painting it on top of the lace. Just be careful if you do to avoid pulling the lace back up with the paintbrush. Let it dry.
7. Add two or three more lines of lace until the whole bottom part of the pot is covered in lace.
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8. Place a flower arrangement in each of the pots, and put them on a table or sideboard to be admired as a centerpiece. We recommend placing the small pot in the middle and the other two on the outside to create a harmonious look.
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