Score the big win with these mini terracotta pot trophies

Whether in sports, academics or congeniality, winning a prize is a memorable experience. A trophy gives you a sense of permanent appreciation that your victory deserves. A fun way to celebrate a birthday or family game night is to hand out trophies. These are surprisingly easy to make and can be put together in time for field day at the elementary school or the pizza party this weekend.
You may want to make a small sample square of spray paint and take that with you to pick out your wire. This will help you find the best match for the metallic spray you choose. We show how you can use sticker letters to spell out the winners’ names, but you can also choose to hand paint the names if you prefer your penmanship. Make one for every kid at the party and they will all feel the joy of being a winner.
- Mini terracotta pot
- Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish Spray Paint
- Matching craft wire
- Flush cutters or wire cutters
- Round nose or needle-nose jewelry pliers
- Hot glue gun
- X-Acto knife or tweezers (optional)
- Sticker letters
DIY Everywhere
1. Place your terracotta planter and base on a flat surface. You may want to lay down plastic to avoid a mess.
2. With smooth, even strokes, spray your planter and base to completely cover them in your metallic spray paint. Allow the paint to fully dry.
3. While your paint is drying, you can make the trophy handles. Use flush cutters or wire cutters to snip a couple of inches of large-gauge crafting wire. For a cohesive look, pick a wire in the same metallic finish as your spray paint.
4. With round nose or needle-nose jewelry pliers, curl the ends of your wire, then twist the curl so it will sit flush to the painted planter. Make two matching handles.
5. Use hot glue to attach the handles where you would like them to be. Allow the glue to dry.
6. Turn the base of your planter over to become the trophy stand. Apply a line of hot glue around the bottom of the planter and press it to the base. Allow the glue to dry.
7. Using tweezers or an X-Acto knife, peel your sticker letters to place on your trophy. Spell out the name or title of the trophy winner. If you have enviable penmanship, consider using a liner paintbrush and hand painting the letters. Use your trophies as place settings or a fun prize for the kids.