Easy dollhouse furniture DIY: Transform an old jewelry box into a chic chair

Every little girl dreams of playing with the perfect dollhouse. It is her palace in miniature, and every room must be decorated to her taste and well-appointed with the right furniture.
Turn childhood dreams into reality with a dollhouse full of DIY furniture. Craft and hobby stores carry dollhouse furniture, but making your own will make it so much more special. For example, everyone will be impressed to find out this chic little chair came from a bit of wire glued to an old jewelry box. Try it for yourself, and feel free to paint it too if you're looking for a pop of color.
-Small cardboard jewelry box
-Hot glue gun
-Crafting wire
-Wire cutters
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1. Place the lid to the cardboard box perpendicular to the base so that the two pieces form an L-shape. Glue the lid to the cardboard box to the base with a hot glue gun.
2. Cut four pieces of crafting wire with wire cutters. The pieces should be equal in length to each other and double the height you want your chair to be.
3. Gently bend the wire pieces at the center so that they make a U-shape.
4. Using the wire cutters, bend the ends of the wires in toward each other. These will serve as the chair legs.
5. Adhere a leg to each corner of the chair base using a hot glue gun. Position the legs so that they angle outward to give the chair more stability. Allow to dry. Enjoy!