Don't throw out an old bedsheet; use it to make a cozy pair of slippers

Bedroom slippers are one of life's cozy little pleasures. As a reminder for you to relax before bedtime, they provide a comfortable way to keep your toes warm before bed and if you have to get up in the night. Instead of throwing away an old bedsheet, use it to make your own pair of comfy slippers.
With a little sewing and materials you can get at a craft store, you can easily turn a sheet into a pair of slippers. What's more, you can make a dozen of them with a single sheet, and give them to your friends and family members as holiday gifts. No other present will be as welcome in the cold winter months as these warm and adorable slippers.
- Bedsheet
- Cotton batting
- Canvas
- Bias tape
- Sewing machine
- Scissors
- Cutting mat
- Thick paper like card stock
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Curve ruler
- Circle ruler
- Handheld paper cutter
- Pins
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1. Place the piece of card stock on your cutting mat. Use a ruler to make a 10-inch line across the middle of the card stock. Turn the ruler, and place a 4-inch line perpendicular to and in the middle of the 10-inch line. Add two more 1o-inch lines 4 inches from the top and bottom of the original 10-inch line, and complete the box by adding four 4-inch lines on either side. You should now have a rectangular box with four individual boxes inside it.
2. Use the curve ruler to draw a curved line inside the bottom, left box and another inside the top left box. Repeat on the other side. You should now have an oblong shape resembling a slipper inside the larger box. Use the handheld paper cutter to cut out the oblong shape.
3. Fold the shape in half, hamburger-style. Place the shape, still folded, on top of another piece of card stock, aligning the folded edge of the shape with the edge of the other piece of card stock. Trace the shape onto the other piece of card stock. Try to make the shape's outline as even and dark as possible. Use your circle ruler to draw a small curve right near the edge of the paper at the bottom of your new shape. Cut the shape out with your handheld cutting tool, and cut out the small curve as well. Now, you have made the template for the top of your slipper.
4. Place the bedsheet on a clean, dry surface. You might want to iron it beforehand. Next, use the oblong shape to trace the shape onto your bedsheet. Trace and cut out two of these shapes from the bedsheet, then also do the same with the cotton batting and the canvas. Cut out six more shapes with the other template for the top of the slipper, two from the bedsheet, the cotton batting and the canvas, respectively.
5. Put together the bottom part of both slippers in this order: canvas on the bottom, cotton batting in the middle and the bedsheet on top. Add pins in diagonal lines going across the slipper from top to bottom. Removing the pins as you go, sew diagonal lines across the tops of both slippers, and cut the thread when you're finished with each line.
6. Once you've sewn both slippers diagonally one way, pin diagonal lines going the opposite way, and sew diagonal lines across the tops of both slippers again. Cut the thread when you're finished with each line.
7. Put together the tops of the slippers the same way you did with the bottoms and in the same order. Pin them diagonally like you did with the bottoms, then sew diagonal lines across the top of the slipper. Then pin diagonal lines going the opposite way, and sew to the pins again, cutting the thread when you finish a line.
8. Pin bias tape to the bottom edge of the tops of your slippers, then sew the bias tape to the slipper tops. Cut slits along the bottom edge of the bias tape and slipper, fold the other edge of the tape over, and sew it to the slippers. Place the tops of the slippers on top of the bottoms, and cut off any unnecessary bias tape that may be hanging over the edge.
9. Turn the slippers over with the tops facing down. Pin bias tape all the way around the edge of the bottom of the slippers. Then, as you did with the tops of the slippers, sew the bias tape to the bottom of the slipper, cut slits in the edge of the slipper, fold the bias tape over the slits, and sew the tape to the slipper once again.
You now have a pair of comfortable, bedroom slippers you can wear at night, in the morning or — if you're lucky, and it's the weekend — all day!

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