Make this quirky vase cover and never look at an egg carton the same way again

Are you looking for a way to put even more personality into a bundle of blooms? This adorable vase cover made from egg carton lids turns a bouquet into a quirky work of art. The unusual angles of the egg cartons add geometric interest, and the burlap and lace ribbons soften the look. Make a full set of these vase covers to use as centerpieces at your next budget-friendly (and carbon-neutral) bridal shower.
Did you know that reusing materials can be better for the environment than recycling? That’s because recycling something requires energy to process the materials; reusing something instead gives it a new life without increasing your carbon footprint. To ensure your beautiful new vase cover is as eco-friendly as possible, use paint and ribbon you already have. If you don’t have everything you need, check if there's a creative reuse center in your city. A creative reuse center sells used art supplies and scrap materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill.
- 2 egg cartons
- Scissors
- High-temperature glue gun
- Hot-glue sticks
- Home Decor chalk paint, white
- Paintbrush
- Burlap ribbon, 3 inches wide
- Lace ribbon, 1 inch wide
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut egg cartons in half. Separate the lids from the bottoms. Reserve three lid pieces and discard the other pieces.
2. Glue the long sides of the three lid pieces together to form a triangle.
3. Draw a line of hot glue along the inside edge of one of the lids, then press the outside edge of another lid into the glue. Repeat, putting glue on the inside edge of the first lid, then pressing the outside edge of the third lid into the glue.
4. Draw a line on the outside edge of the third lid, and press it to the inside edge of the second lid. Allow the glue to dry.
5. Paint the outside of the carton lids with white chalk paint, applying extra over the carton’s logo if necessary. Allow the paint to dry.
6. Wrap the burlap ribbon around the center of the lids, gluing down as you go. Trim the ribbon, and glue down the edge. Glue down loose areas along the top and bottom of the ribbon.
7. Wrap the lace ribbon around the center of the burlap ribbon, gluing down as you go. Trim the ribbon, and glue down the edge.
8. Once the glue is dry, place your new vase cover over a small jar. Fill the jar with small flowers and enjoy!