Inject rustic style into your home with window decor made from a cupboard door

Do you want to bring more farmhouse style in your home? This window decor made from an old cupboard door brings color, texture and rustic vibes into any room. Place it on a low shelf or lean it next to the living room wall to add art without adding nail holes. Three of them hung on the wall in the dining room would help anchor the space and instantly draw the eye to the table.
The primary material in this project is an old cupboard door. If you don’t have one laying around, check to see if there’s an architectural salvage store in your region. These stores reclaim old building materials and sell them to DIYers instead of letting them end up in landfills. Many of them are also non-profits, so prices tend to be low and proceeds go to the worthy cause of environmental conservation.
- Old cupboard door
- Drop cloth
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Square wooden dowels, 4
- Hand saw
- Sawhorse, 2
- Clamp, 2
- Sanding block
- Wood glue
- Paper towel
- Home Decor chalk paint, gray
- Large paintbrush
- Home Decor wax
- Rag
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay an old cupboard door on top of a drop cloth on the floor. With a ruler and pencil, draw lines that divide the center of the door in thirds horizontally and vertically.
2. Place two dowels on top of the two vertical lines. Mark on the dowels where to cut the dowels so that they fit into the center panel of the door. Repeat with two dowels on the two horizontal lines.
3. Clamp a dowel to the sawhorse and cut on the mark. Repeat for all four dowels. Sand the cut ends of the dowels.
4. Place the vertical dowels onto the door. Place the horizontal dowels on top of them, then make four markings on the vertical dowels where they should be cut so that the pieces sit flush with the horizontal dowels.
5. Clamp a dowel to the sawhorse and cut two marks closest to each other. Sand the cut ends of the dowels. Cut the remaining two marks on the dowel and sand the ends. Repeat with the second dowel.
6. Arrange all the dowel pieces on the cupboard door. The dowels should now look like edges of window panes. Glue the dowel pieces down with wood glue. Use a paper towel to wipe away excess glue. Allow the glue to dry.
7. Sweep the paintbrush across the door to remove any dust. Paint the entire top of the door with the gray chalk paint. Allow the paint to dry.
8. Lightly sand the paint to give the door a distressed look. With a clean, dry paintbrush, brush off any dust.
9. Paint the Home Decor wax on the three horizontal panes in the middle of the cupboard. Wipe off the excess wax with a rag. Repeat with the bottom and top row of panes and the edges of the cupboard.
10. Your window decor is complete! Lean it against the wall in the living room to instantly add style.