Don't throw out your old bedsheets. Upcycle them into trendy bathmats

Home renovation projects are all the rage this season, but if you don't have the time to invest in such a big undertaking, then a simple change in decor can do the trick. By taking an old bedsheet and turning it into a stylish bathmat, you'll give your bathroom the makeover it's been needing.
This project is a great way to add a little extra element of design in your guest bath — all while finding a new way to use your old sheets that have just been sitting folded in your hall closet going unused.
- Bedsheet
- Fabric scissors
- String of fringe/tassels
- Pins
- Sewing machine
- Thread cutters
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1. Cut your sheet into four equal size half circles. Keep in mind the average size for a smaller bath mat is approximately 17 inches by 24 inches (43.18 centimeters by 60.96 centimeters).
2. Layer the half circles evenly on top of one another in the following order from the bottom up: right side up, face down, right side up, face down.
3. Layer your fringe or tassel in between the top two layers and bottom two layers of your sheet, along the perimeter of the half circle, with the fringe/tassel facing inward. Lay the edges of your top two sheets back down flat over the fringe and pin. You'll want to leave the flat edge of the sheets open and unpinned, without any fringe.
4. Sew along the pins, and cut any extra thread once finished.
5. Fold the mat inside out so the correct sides and fringe are now on the exterior.
6. Fold in the open edges of the flat edge of the bathmat slightly and pin.
7. Sew along the edge, and remove any extra threads once finished.
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