This DIY scarf will be trending as your hottest outfit of the day

Bedsheets are known for being cozy, but did you know they can also be considered high-end fashion? If you have an eye for style, and love feeling comfortable when you put together your outfit of the day, then this project will check all those boxes. You can even get your holiday gifts crossed off your to-do list when you throw the finished project in a stocking or two!
Scarves are always in style. Whether you live somewhere warm and want a scarf to complete your look, or you're in colder climates and need something that's a combination of fashion meets function. If you have flannel sheets, then create a scarf for those colder temps. Cotton sheets are perfect for scarves that are used more as an accessory. Either way, you'll be a trendsetter, and everyone will want to know where you've been shopping.
- Bedsheet
- Tape measure
- Fabric marker
- Fabric scissors
- Pins
- Sewing machine
- Thread cutters
- Needle and thread
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1. Fold your bedsheet in half so the hems and corners evenly align.
2. Measure 25 inches (63.5 centimeters) in height and mark with the fabric marker.
3. At the 25 inches (63.5 centimeters) mark, cut along the length of the sheet, also cutting along the hemlines to remove.
4. Unfold and align the edges along the length with the underneath side of the bedsheet facing out.
5. Pin the edges, leaving the two ends open.
6. Sew along the edges about 1/2 inch (1.27 centimeters) in. Cut and remove the excess material.
7. Fold the scarf inside out so the underneath sides are now on the interior side.
8. Line up the two edges, and pin the interior edges together.
9. Sew along the pinned edges, and remove any excess threads.
10. Finish the closure of the seam by hand with a slip stitch.
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