Cut up an old egg carton & craft a stunning wreath

Looking for a budget-friendly way to add rustic visual interest to a neglected space? Wreaths fit the bill, and you can design them so they can be displayed year-round or as special additions to your holiday decorations. This egg carton wreath DIY couldn’t be an easier to make or to customize.
We use chalk paint to cover the egg carton cups that are ingeniously cut to resemble flowers. Match the paint to wherever you plan to hang your wreath, whether that’s your royal-blue front door or your millennial-pink powder room. The addition of button accents give the wreath an even more homespun feel, and there’s no rule against foregoing the bow and covering the entire wreath with flowers for a springy vibe. However you choose to design your wreath, it's sure to brighten and beautify any surface it adorns.
- Cardboard egg carton, cut in half widthwise
- Scissors
- 3 bottles of chalk paint in different colors
- 3 small bowls
- Small fine art paintbrush
- 7 or 8 small buttons in either the same or different colors
- Hot glue gun
- Glue sticks
- Grapevine wreath in preferred size
- Premade bow or a bow you tie with your own ribbon
- Spool of fishing line
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut a row of two egg compartments from the other four with the scissors.
2. Cut away one of the compartments from the pair so you’re left holding one.
3. Trim away the top edge of the egg holder so the opening is smooth and rounded.
4. Make seven evenly spaced cuts from the rounded open edge of the egg holder to the edge of the bottom circle that the egg would rest on in the carton.
5. Bend the cup open a little bit, and it will resemble a flower.
6. Trim the pointed sides off each of its petals so they are rounded.
7. Set it down on its bottom. It should resemble an opening flower.
8. Pour some paint into one of the bowls, and use the paintbrush to coat both sides of the flower completely with paint.
9. Allow the paint to dry.
10. Apply hot glue to the inside center portion of the flower.
11. Place the button on top of the glue and apply gentle pressure so it sticks to the bottom of the flower.
12. Repeat steps 1-11 six more times so you have a total of seven painted flowers. Be sure to use the other two paint colors and rinse your brush each time you use a new color.
13. Place the grapevine wreath on your work surface.
14. Apply glue to the outside bottom portion of one of the flowers, and glue it to the bottom left section of the wreath.
15. Repeat step 14 with the remainder of the flowers and place them next to each other so they line the bottom curve of the wreath.
16. Apply glue to the back of the bow and affix it to the top center of the wreath.
17. Allow the glue to dry.
18. Weave the thread of fishing line through the top of the wreath, and knot it so you create a loop for hanging.
19. Place your wreath anywhere you'd like to beautify – anyplace that you consider a décor “bald spot" in your home: the stairwell wall, inside the entryway, or above the mantel.