Give a cupboard door a memorable makeover

Finding just the right way to exhibit meaningful photos at home does not have to require a trip to the store. In fact, using materials found around the home, it’s possible to keep important memories visible while incorporating a customized touch without spending a dime. An old cupboard door is all it takes to create a DIY photo display canvas that captures the past with undeniable style.
Mod Podge is key to keeping photo prints in place once they are positioned in a pleasing design on a cupboard door that’s been removed from the kitchen. Once you have secured them in place, you may want to line the photos with twine and adding decorative bows for some rustic flair. Position the door horizontally or vertically depending on the dimensions of the photos being displayed, but no matter what way it hangs, there’s no reason to worry about mounting it on the wall. The hooks that once held the door in place on the cabinets can be used to secure it to any wall in any room once the project is complete. This charming photo display is a great way to repurpose a former kitchen feature and create a photo space that can easily be moved around as needed. When it’s not on a wall, set it on an end table or bookshelf to admire.
-Cupboard door with hooks attached
-Sanding sponge
-Photos to display (4)
-Mod Podge glue and finish
-Plastic gloves
-Handheld roller
-Hot glue gun
-Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a cupboard door with the hooks still attached on a flat working surface.
2. Sand the door with a sanding sponge.
3. Position four photos on top of the cupboard door either evenly spaced or in a pleasing design.
4. Apply Mod Podge glue and finish to the back of each of the photos and press them to the cupboard door to attach in place. Wear plastic gloves to protect the skin during this step and use a handheld roller to smooth the pictures to the surface after they’ve been pressed down.
5. Line each of the photos with hot glue and press twine around the perimeter to create a frame. Cut the twine away where the ends meet.
6. Cut a short length of twine and tie it into a bow. Apply a spot of hot glue to the back of the bow and press it to the top of one of the photos. Create three additional twine bows and attach one to each of the remaining three photos on the door.
7. Line the interior edge of the cupboard door with hot glue and frame the edge in twine. Cut the twine away where the ends meet for a finished final look.
8. Spray the surface of the cupboard door and photos with a coating of Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer.
9. Mount the photo display on the wall by the hooks or set it on a bookshelf to enjoy a personalized display every time you pass by.