Add a pop of color to the couch by making a pillowcase out of denim jeans

Denim is a decidedly durable material, making it the fabric of choice for blue jeans. Its endurance enables it to withstand the wear and tear of daily life, and its versatility and varying shades means it’s possible for denim to be a fashion statement. Whether it’s distressed, dark, light or a combination of the three, denim is definitely a favorite. Although it may feel as if denim can last forever, it does eventually wear out or falls out of fashion. When this is the case and it’s time to replace old denim with something new, jeans provide the perfect canvas to create a unique pillowcase.
Designing a denim pillowcase doesn’t take much time but does require a sewing machine and some cutting. Three panels of fabric are enough to create this look, which is all the more striking when denim of varying shades make up the finished project. Stitching the panels together and leaving a space for a pillow to be inserted makes it simple to swap out covers depending on the decorative style desired or the season. The blue of the denim contrasts beautifully with the fabric of a white chair or couch.
- Pair of denim jeans
- Scissors
- Iron
- Ironing board
- Cutting mat
- Ruler
- Rotary cutter
- Sewing machine
- Thread
- Thread snips
- Sewing pins
- Pillow insert
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut the legs off a pair of denim jeans.
2. Cut along the inseam of each pant leg, and open up the denim into two separate panels of fabric.
3. Iron both panels of denim until they are smooth.
4. Place one panel on a cutting mat, and measure and cut it into a 16-by-13 square using a rotary cutter and ruler. If the pillow being covered is sized differently than the traditional 15 by 12 inches, cut the panel into a square the same size as the pillow insert and allows for seams.
5. Place the second panel of denim on the cutting mat, and measure and cut two additional smaller pieces out of it. The first will measure 16 by 11, and the second will measure 16 by 16. If working with different dimensions of pillows, make sure the width of all three denim panels is the same and you've accounted for the seam allowance.
6. Serge or zig zag one edge of each of the smaller panels of denim. Snip away excess thread as needed.
7. Fold the edges of the panels over 1/2 inch and hem them.
8. Position the smaller panels of denim on top of the larger panel so the edges are lined up and there’s overlap in the center. The dark denim color should face inward.
9. Pin the edges of all three panels in place before stitching them together. You can serge or zig zag.
10. Turn the new denim pillowcase right side out so the dark denim shows.
11. Place the pillow insert inside the pillowcase.