Revamp old jeans or shorts into a brand new fashion statement

Looking for an easy way to upcycle old jeans or denim shorts? This half-apron comes together in minutes and uses your shorts’ existing features to make it one of the most practical accessories you’ll own. The apron is adorable as it is, but you could also decorate it any number of ways, such as sewing quirky trim or ribbon to the hemline or bedazzling the pockets with rhinestones and buttons.
Aside from the endless customization options, there are several features that make this not-your-average apron. The pockets can hold scissors or other tools during DIY projects, or recipe cards and measuring spoons if spending time in the kitchen is more your speed. Even the belt loops on the waistband can come in handy. Simply slip your implements onto a carabiner, then clip to the loop and go!
- Jeans or shorts that fit you
- Scissors
- Seam ripper
- Ruler
- Sewing machine
- Blue thread
- Straight pins
- Serger (optional)
DIY Everywhere
1. Place your jeans or shorts on the table. If you’re using jeans, cut off the legs an inch or so below the crotch.
2. Cut off the front panel of the shorts by cutting up the inside of the side seams, leaving about 1/4 inch of space by the seams. Cut across the shorts beneath the waistband. Cut along the inseam to separate the front panel from the back.
3. With a seam ripper, remove the belt loops from the front of the waistband. With scissors, cut the rivets out of the side seams and make a small clip at the point where the side seam meets the waistband. This will make it easier to serge.
4. Turn the piece over so that the seat of the shorts is facing up. Cut up the bottom of the center back seam until the pieces lay flat on top of each other. Pin the pieces together and sew in place.
5. Turn the piece over, and trim the excess fabric. Fold the piece in half, then trim the bottom of the apron to give it a uniform, curved hemline.
6. Serge or use a zigzag stitch on the edges and the bottom of the apron. Turn the side seams under and sew down.
7. Turn the apron so the inside of the shorts is facing up. Use a ruler to fold the bottom of the apron over by 1/2 inch and pin down. Sew the hemline in place.
8. Your apron is complete! Button the waistband around your midsection with the pockets facing forward. Enjoy!

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