Repurpose an old cupboard door into a bulletin board that holds memos in style

As life gets busy, memos and reminder cards have a way of piling up over time. To keep those assorted items visible, organized and fashionable, start by ditching that bowl in the entryway that’s holding far too many note cards. Replace it with a stylish bulletin board. You don't need to head to the store to find a bulletin board when you can repurpose an old cupboard door to get the job done.
The back of a beveled cupboard door provides just the right amount of space for you to add a square of corkboard. Once you secure it, you'll paint both the cupboard door and the corkboard in a pleasing hue to create the look of a single unit. Add a stenciled design to the corkboard to incorporate some customized style. If you paint the bulletin board blue as shown here, try a seashell-inspired stencil for a summery look. Next, you'll attach twine diagonally across the corners to secure postcards or notes behind it, while the cork will work nicely to keep memos in place with a pushpin. Hang this lovely bulletin board up on a kitchen wall, or keep it on top of a shelf in your entryway for high visibility.
-Cupboard door, 16-by-16
-Square of corkboard
-Cutting mat
-Utility knife
-Home Decor Chalk in Glacier
-Large paintbrush
-Painter’s tape
-Plastic gloves
-Home Decor Chalk in White Adirondack
-Hair dryer
-Sanding sponge
-Hot glue gun
-Push pins
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1. Place a 16-by-16-inch cupboard door face down on a flat working surface.
2. Position a square piece of corkboard over the center portion of the back of the door.
3. Measure the corkboard to size using a T-square, and mark measurements with a pencil. The corkboard should be measured to fit within the inside of the cupboard door’s beveled edging.
4. Cut the corkboard to size on a cutting mat using a utility knife and the T-square as a guide.
5. Cover the beveled square on the back of the cupboard door in superglue.
6. Apply superglue to one side of the corkboard square before pressing it firmly in place on the back of the door.
7. Paint the back of the door and the corkboard using Home Decor Chalk in Glacier. It's a good idea to wear plastic gloves to protect your skin during this step.
8. Position a decorative stencil in the top left corner of the corkboard, and secure it in place with painter’s tape.
9. Paint over the stencil using Home Décor Chalk in White Adirondack.
10. Remove the stencil, and use a hair dryer to encourage a faster drying time.
11. Position the stencil directly below the first, making sure the patterns are lined up before you paint over it once more.
12. Continue painting over the stencil until you've covered the entire piece of corkboard. Make sure each design is dry before adding the next.
13. Sand the edges of the cupboard door smooth using a sanding sponge.
14. Unwind a length of twine diagonally across the bottom corner of the cupboard door.
15. Cut the twine away when there is enough to reach the front of the door on both sides.
16. Hot glue both ends of the twine to the front of the door, so the length of the twine stretches taut across the corkboard and backside of the door diagonally.
17. Repeat this step with a second length of twine on the top right corner of the cupboard door.
18. Press a collection of pushpins into the corkboard to be used for holding notes.
19. Insert cards and reminders underneath the twine for safekeeping.
20. Mount the bulletin board on a wall, or set it on a shelf to keep your reminders and photos well-displayed.