Repurpose an egg carton by turning it into a beautiful bouquet of roses

Eggs are a protein-packed source of nutrition, and chances are, most households have a carton or two in the fridge. Instead of tossing out that cardboard when the last egg has been fried, consider giving it new purpose and using it for a fun and floral-inspired DIY project. With just a few strategic cuts, some paint and a little time, it’s simple to transition this material from a utilitarian carton into a lovely bouquet of roses.
The bottom of each individual space for an egg looks like a flower if cut just right. Cutting out a set of four petals to increasing dimensions makes for an easy way to connect concentric petals into the shape of a rose. Rounding out the edges on each set provides an authentic final touch. Although the petals can handle any hue, picking a soft pastel will allow the material to really pop against a sprig of faux leaves. Place the leaves and finished roses in a vase to be admired on a shelf or coffee table. Guests won’t believe what these decorative floral additions used to be.
- Egg carton
- Scissors
- Apple Barrel acrylic paint in Sunkissed Peach
- Small glass bowl
- Acrylic paint flat brush
- Hot glue gun
- Sprig of faux green leaves
- Vase
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut the lid off of an egg carton.
2. Cut away a set of four individual egg containers from the larger carton.
3. Cut the set of four containers into individual containers.
4. Trim away the cardboard around the top of each egg container until only a small cardboard bowl remains. The bowls should increase in size.
5. Make five even cuts into the cardboard bowl beginning at the top edge and stopping at the bottom rim. This will create four sections that resemble petals.
6. Round the ends of each of the four petals.
7. Repeat this process with the three remaining egg containers, cutting each of the petal segments slightly bigger than the one before it.
8. Fill a small glass bowl with Appel Barrel acrylic paint in Sunkissed Peach.
9. Paint the front and back of each of the four flower petal sets. Allow the paint to dry completely before moving on to the rose assembly portion of the project.
10. Take the smallest of the four petal sets and press the petals tightly together to create the shape of a rosebud.
11. Apply hot glue to each petal edge and press them together, slightly overlapping, to secure the rosebud.
12. Place a spot of hot glue in the bottom of the second-largest petal set and press the rosebud within.
13. Apply a spot of hot glue to the bottom of the third-largest petal set and press the petal and rosebud arrangement within, aligning them so the petals match up with the spaces of the smaller set.
14. Place a spot of hot glue in the final and largest petal set and secure the rest of the arrangement within, aligning the largest flower so the petals match up with the spaces of the smaller set.
15. Arrange the petals into a pleasing design, and use spots of hot glue on the edges to keep the petals in place.
16. Cut, paint and assemble two additional roses in the same manner.
17. Hot glue each of the roses to separate branches on a sprig of faux leaves.
18. Place the sprig with leaves and roses attached into a vase.