Transform your plain old lampshade into boho chic with felt-ball tassels

Thinking of upgrading your lampshade? Instead of buying a whole new one, upgrade yours with a round of felt ball tassels for a funky, bohemian feel. You can use an array of colors, or stay in one color scheme for a more uniform look. Either way, this fun upcycle will transform that old lampshade.
Try to keep your tassels a similar length, and space them as evenly as possible. Cut your tassels first if you want them uniform, and use a sewing tape measure to find the spacing you want. Spaced too closely, they can look crowded; if they're too spaced out, the shade can look unfinished. Take a few minutes to plan out your tassels, and you will be happier with the result.
- Lampshade
- Felt balls
- South Bend monofilament line
- Tapestry needle
- Thread snippers
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove your lampshade from the base and set the lamp base aside.
2. Using a tapestry needle and line, pierce the top portion of your felt ball. Double back and pull the needle through again, creating a knot with the line. Trim the extra line at the bottom of the felt ball.
3. Cut your line from the spool, leaving plenty to work with as you attach it to your lampshade.
4. Rethread your needle with the line connected to the felt ball. Pierce the front of the lampshade, bringing the needle around the back. Bring the needle through the very edge of the felt ball. Double back to create another knot, securing the felt ball on a dangling line from the bottom of the lampshade. Trim any leftover line.
5. Repeat these steps, spacing your felt balls a couple of inches apart, until they're sewn completely around the bottom edge of the lampshade. Keep the line as even as possible for a uniform look.

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