Fold old handkerchief & in a few steps create a pretty tissue holder

Handkerchiefs aren't the practical items they once were, thanks to the invention of one-use tissues. Still, if you have a lovely handkerchief you're not sure how to use, and you don't mind a healthy dose of irony, you can actually repurpose the handkerchief itself as a holder for the item that replaced it.
This tissue holder is easy to make and practical, a decorative item you can display almost anywhere. Place it on your bedside table, in your living room or in your purse to take it on the go. No matter what, you'll enjoy this flexible yet beautiful option for storing your tissues, especially during cold and flu season.
- Old handkerchief
- Iron
- Ironing board
- Hot glue gun
- Thick thread in a color that complements the handkerchief
- Needle
- Scissors
- Tissues
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay your handkerchief out on a clean, dry surface. You may also want to iron the wrinkles out of it before starting your project. Place the handkerchief front-side down, and fold the two sides in longways, so they meet at the middle. Press the handkerchief down at the creases, and iron the top and bottom two corners, so the creases here will be more pronounced.
Tip: It can be tempting to iron the whole handkerchief flat again once you've folded it, but the middle should billow out a bit, so the tissues can protrude.
2. Place the handkerchief back on your workstation. Unfold it, and use hot glue to affix the folds back the way they were. Use the creases you ironed into the handkerchief as a guide for where to place the glue. Open up the middle part, so it isn't flat against the back of the handkerchief.
3. Once the glue has dried, thread your thick, colorful thread through the needle. Cut the thread for an ample length, and tie it off the end. Next, stitch little x's into the right-hand side of the handkerchief where you glued the folded parts together. After adding the x's, turn the handkerchief over, and tie off the excess thread again, cutting it close to the knot.
4. Repeat step 3 to add identical x's on the other side of the handkerchief.
5. Place several tissues from an opened pack inside the handkerchief, letting the top one hang out the slightest bit, as if they were in a tissue box. Now, you can display your tissues in a lovely, unconventional way, and reuse a vintage handkerchief.