Relax in your new meditation corner with a floor cushion made from bedsheets

Life is busy, and you work hard. There has never been a better time to show yourself a little love and allow yourself a space in which you can relax, meditate, and truly let the stresses of the day fall away. That is why creating a floor cushion from bedsheets is the project that you have been looking for. These floor cushions also work great when you are inviting guests over for game night, or wanting to relax on the floor while you complete other DIY projects.
Create your own personal oasis that belongs to only you. Light some scented candles, and grab your favorite books. Your new little meditation nook is the relaxation haven you'll be craving at the end of every day. You just need is a few supplies you may even have around the house. Start creating, and then relax - you've earned it!
- One bed sheet
- Cutting mat
- Ruler
- Fabric marker
- Loop rotary cutter
- Pins
- Sewing machine
- Thread cutters
- Cotton pillow filling
- Needle and thread
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1. Lay corner of bedsheet flat against cutting mat.
2. With the ruler, measure 18" (45.72 cm) in length and mark with fabric marker, and 18" (45.72 cm) in height, and also mark. As you measure, start just after the hemline of your sheet.
3. Cut out this new square that you have measured with the rotary cutter. Repeat this process until you have two equal size squares of your bedsheet measured and cut out.
4. Place what is left of your original bedsheet on the cutting mat, and remove any hems with the rotary cutter.
5. Place your ruler along the edge of the bedsheet, and measure a length of fabric to be 18" in height (45.72 cm), and 2" (5.08 cm ) wide. Cut that out with your rotary cutter. Repeat this three more times until you have four lengths of 2" (5.08 cm) wide fabric.
6. Pin the corners of each 2" (5.08c cm) fabric strip together, insides facing each other. This will create a frame of the fabric strips.
7. Pin one of your bigger fabric squares to the corners of these strips. Keep in mind all fabric pieces should have the underneath side facing up.
8. Sew along the edges of the strips, securing the fabric square to the strips that you've pinned together. With thread cutters, remove any excess thread before repeating with the other fabric square on the other side.
9. When sewing the other fabric square to the strips, leave one side open at about the halfway point. This is where you'll stuff with cotton filler.
10. Turn fabric inside out and begin to stuff with filler.
11. With your needle and thread, sew the opening closed that you used as your entry point for the filler.
12. Thread your needle again, and push through the very center of your cushion, letting it come out the other side before knotting and cutting away excess thread.
13. Repeat step 12 for the four corners of your cushion.
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