This terracotta pot corgi is the cutest craft you'll ever create

Dog lovers are always looking for new ways to show off their admiration of their furry friends. If you have a Corgi or always wanted one, this is the perfect craft to show others your love of this particular breed, not to mention to brighten up your home with an adorable Corgi face.
Terracotta pots are the perfect color for Corgis, and you only need a little felt and a glue gun to make this precious, little craft. Make it with your children, or give it as a Christmas gift to the Corgi owner in your life. No matter where you place it — on a desk, a bookshelf or a patio table — it's sure to get a smile from anyone who sees it.
- A medium-sized Terracotta pot
- Stiff brown felt
- Stiff white felt
- Softer white felt
- Black felt
- Sharpie marker
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. When making this adorable Corgi, use stiff felt for the ears, so they stand upright. Cut two ear-shaped pieces out of the brown fabric. Try to find an orange-brown that matches the Terracotta pot. Then cut two, smaller ear shapes out of the stiff white felt. Place hot glue along the edges of the white shapes, and glue them down on top of the brown shapes.
2. Now, you'll need to use softer felt for the snout portion, so it can be molded to the shape of the pot when glued on. With the softer felt, cut out a shape sort of like a funnel, flat on top with a long, tapered end.
3. Use the black felt to cut two, small circles, and place them on either side of the felt snout with the pointed end facing up to make sure the size is right. Cut a small, triangle-shaped nose out of the black felt, and place it in the middle of the white snout to make sure the size is right. Place the ears on either side, and you can see your Corgi face taking shape!
4. Turn your Terracotta pot upside-down. Use the hot glue gun to place glue on the right-hand corner of the bottom of one of the ears. Place it on the Terracotta pot so the ear is positioned diagonally on the side of the pot. Push the ear backwards to make a crease.
5. Use the glue gun to place a little strip of glue on the back of the ear where you have made the crease. Then gently press the ear back, so the glue will hold it in place. This way, the ear will stick out without folding back all the way.
6. Add the other ear to the other side of the Terracotta pot, using steps four and five again, except this time, place your glue on the bottom left corner of the ear.
7. Place glue on the tapered end of the snout piece, and affix it to the Terracotta pot about halfway down its side. Place glue under the rim of the pot, and press the felt down to affix it here too. Use more glue on both sides of the rim of the pot to glue the felt down. Finally, place a little glue on the end of the felt that hangs over the side of the pot, and press it down to the inside of the pot, making sure there are no places where the fabric puckers.
Tip: If the fabric still comes up on either side of the snout, place an extra layer of glue here, so it is fully flat against the Terracotta pot.
8. Glue the eyes down on either side of the snout by adding glue to the fabric pieces and pressing them down on the pot. Glue the nose down in the same fashion on the middle of the snout.
9. Finally, draw a small line coming down from the bottom of the nose with a black Sharpie. Draw two, small curls coming out of the line for the mouth. Draw these shapes gently so as not to move the fabric. You may need to go over the design twice to make it dark enough.
There you have it — your very own Corgi! Place it on a table or sideboard, and watch the compliments from dog lovers roll in!