Need a little change? Keep it organized with a coin purse made of a cloth napkin

Pocket change is the sort of ubiquitous item that you never think to grab until you need it. Much like a toothpick or a handkerchief, change can go from useless to absolutely necessary in an instant.
So how can you make sure that you're never caught without the change you need while also avoiding heavy pockets? Create a tiny coin purse out of a pretty cloth napkin you already have. If you don't have cloth napkins, buy one from a thrift store, or use a small piece of eye-catching fabric.
- Cloth napkin
- Pinking shears
- Zipper -- any size larger than 4 1/2 inches
- Sewing machine and thread
- Ruler
- Marking tool
- Pins
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay the cloth napkin flat with the pattern facing down. Measure and mark the outline of a rectangle that's 8-by-4 1/2 inches.
2. Trim the outlined shape from the napkin using pinking shears.
3. With the fabric still facing patterned-side down, pin the zipper to one of the short sides of the rectangle with the zipper facing up.
4. Attach the zipper to the fabric with the sewing machine, leaving at least an inch of spare zipper on either side of the sewn section.
5. Flip the fabric, now attached to the zipper, so the pattern faces up. Fold it so the opposite end of the rectangle matches up with the edge of the zipper not yet attached.
6. Pin the free 4 1/2-inch end of the fabric to the zipper, and sew it down.
7. Once you've attached both edges of the fabric to the zipper, open it halfway, and fold the fabric, so the zipper is in the center of one of the fabric sides.
8. Pin the open edges of the rectangle, and trim away the extra zipper hanging off each side.
9. Using a 1/4-inch seam allowance, sew the pinned edges of the rectangle. Trim away any remaining excess zipper.
10. Measure each of the corners where they're about 3/4 of an inch wide, and place pins at that point.
11. Sew the corners at the point where they're pinned, and turn the change purse right-side out through the zipper.