This handkerchief wall art will let you express yourself in your home sweet home

Handkerchiefs are beautiful keepsakes of a bygone era. Now that we have tissues, most people don't carry these decorative fabric squares in their pockets or purses anymore. Still, they can be used in a number of ways to dress up or decorate a beloved household item, and you can choose from many DIYs that allow hankies to take center stage. These lovely handkerchief-turned-wall-art crafts are exactly that.
You can easily make this charming project whether you have little or no embroidery experience. Add them to the wall of your living room or bedroom to give your house an extra touch of coziness, and remind yourself why it's so important to be able to come back to your home sweet home at the end of a long day.
- Three handkerchiefs
- Embroidery hoop
- Iron
- Ironing board
- Pencil
- Thick thread (We used three different colors, one for each handkerchief.)
- Large needle
- Scissors
- Three 12-by-12-inch frames
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1. Lay each of your three handkerchiefs out on an ironing board, and iron them individually. This will help remove the wrinkles, making them not only easier to stitch but also better-looking in their frames.
2. Place the first handkerchief inside the embroidery hoop. Use a pencil to lightly sketch the word "HOME" on the cloth. Then, thread your needle with some thick, brightly colored thread that will complement the colors on your handkerchief. Use the embroidery hoop to keep the handkerchief stationary as you stitch over the pencil lines. Once you finish each line, turn the hoop over, tie the thread in a knot as close to the back of the handkerchief as you can, and cut the excess thread with the scissors.
Note: Once you have stitched over each of the lines in the word HOME, you may want to use the thread to add a few accents to the handkerchief. For example, we stitched over the centers of several of the flowers to give the design on the handkerchief itself some definition.
4. Now, remove the handkerchief from the embroidery hoop. Iron the handkerchief again. Open up the back of one of the 12-by-12 frames, and place the handkerchief inside, taking care to get it as smoothed-down as possible before you replace the back of the frame.
5. Embroider the other two handkerchiefs with the words "sweet" and "home," respectively. You can do this however you wish to reflect your own personal style. For example, in the tutorial we embroidered the two words home in all capital letters, but the word sweet in cursive. You can create the letters however you see fit; just remember that all three frames will need to stand next to each other and look good as a set.
6. Iron and frame the other two handkerchiefs, and hang them on the wall beside the first, creating a lovely piece of wall art in three separate frames.

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