Lady picks up pine cones, makes beautiful DIY zinnia arrangement

Are you looking for a pretty but easy craft where you can show off your love of nature but not have to watch your beautiful flower arrangement wither as time goes by? Then this DIY is perfect for you! You can make your very own zinnia bouquet that will never wilt and will also provide a pretty, natural centerpiece for your living room, dining room table or patio.
This craft just requires a little painting, and you can create a colorful, fun flower design out of one of nature's most resilient materials: pinecones! The project will only take about 20 minutes or so, and even if you have no experience using paints, we can easily show you how to get this design in no time flat!
- Three to five small pinecones (store bought is fine but you can also pick them up from the great outdoors)
- Three complimentary colors of acrylic paint (We used white, peach and red)
- Paintbrush
- Palette
- Silk leaf branch
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
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1. First, place your pinecones side by side. You should have anywhere from three to five, depending on the size of your arrangement. Make sure they are all the same size, a little smaller than the palm of your hand.
2. Add your three acrylic paint colors to the color palette. Pick up one of the pinecones, and turn it over. Start by painting the bottom of the first pinecone white. Leave a small hole in the very middle, and let dry.
3. Now, use the peach paint to paint the hole you left in the middle of the pinecone, and let dry. This will make it look more like a flower.
4. To get that beautiful, zinnia look, you'll first need to rub the excess paint onto the palette before you start painting with the red. Use the red paint to paint a small ring around the peach-colored circle in the middle of your pinecone. Next, use the brush to extend the red color into the white, making it look like the red blends softly into the white.
5. Paint the other pinecones to look like similar flowers.
Tip: It can sometimes be easier to do the pinecones all at the same time, painting each with the same color as you go through the steps. However, it can also help to paint one whole pinecone to see what it takes to get the look you want before you start painting the others.
6. Lay your silk leaf branch out on the table. Find where you want to affix the pinecone, and hold the pinecone near that area with your non-dominant hand. Use your dominant hand to place a dollop of hot glue in the area where you want to add the first of the pinecone flowers. Press the pinecone with the unpainted side down onto the silk leaf branch. Hold it straight until the glue dries.
7. Affix your other pinecones in different places on the silk leaf branch, spreading them out to look natural. Then, when all the glue has dried, place the branch in a vase.
Now, your arrangement will look fresh forever because the flowers will never wilt, and you can enjoy it for months — maybe even years — to come!