Collect some wire and follow this DIY

A festive centerpiece makes holiday guests feel extra-special and show you cared enough to create a warm, welcoming ambiance. This Easter centerpiece DIY offers a colorful spray of flowers and seasonal touches that will delight each and every diner.
The components of the centerpiece are all simple and easy to find at the arts and crafts store, but the result is extraordinary. By embellishing a faux flower bouquet with some Easter eggs in a rainbow of hues and adding a seasonal accent here and there, you cover both the spring and Easter bases. Mix it up and get eggs in bright colors if you choose zingy blossoms, or tone it down with a flower palette in softer colors and pastel eggs. This centerpiece will draw attention not only for its celebratory flair, but also for its fresh and happy vibe.
- 5 or 6 plastic fillable Easter eggs
- Roll of green floral wire
- Small cutting tool
- Hot-glue gun
- Hot-glue sticks
- Small decorative metal or plastic bucket
- 13 or 14 faux flowers with greenery on their stems
- Decorative Easter and spring accents on sticks for placement in the bucket vase (e.g., birds in a nest, a small rabbit, bumblebees, available in the floral section of a craft store)
- Roll of white or pastel decorative ribbon
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Twist the egg to separate the two halves and place it on the work surface.
2. Cut a 12-inch piece of floral wire with the cutting tool.
3. Bend one end of the wire into an elongated hook.
4. Put the other straight end of the wire through the small hole in the bottom of the egg. The hooked portion of the wire will rest inside the egg at the small hole. Press it down against the interior of the end of the egg so it’s nestled in the egg’s curve, not sticking up inside it.
5. With the hooked wire placed as described in step 4, apply a few drops of glue with the glue gun and allow it to dry. This will ensure that the wire hook stays in place.
6. Reattach the two halves of the egg.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 four more times to make a total of five egg “flowers.”
8. Put the small bucket on the work surface and place the faux flowers inside it. Arrange them so they are somewhat separated and not close together.
9. Insert the egg accents throughout the bouquet.
10. Place the seasonal decorative accents on sticks randomly among the flowers and eggs in the bucket.
11. Cut enough ribbon with the scissors to fit around the bucket, with about 6-8 inches extra.
12. Wrap the ribbon around the lower part of the bucket and tie it in a big bow.
13. Set your Easter centerpiece in the middle of your holiday table.