Create a portable enchanted garden with this flowery lightbulb garland DIY

Fairy lights are nice, but why not kick it up a notch by making this utterly romantic flower-bedecked, illuminated garland? More is definitely more when it comes to indoor or outdoor mood lighting. This DIY will make your patio, interior wall, stair railing or any locale you choose for it sweetly special.
The project is easily customizable in that you can make it season-specific, depending on whether you choose spring blooms, autumnal sprays or snow-tipped buds for your floral accessories. The string light bulbs you select will also reflect your style. If you’re attracted to classic styles, choose candle flame bulbs. If you appreciate a vintage vibe, go for Edison bulbs like we did. And, if you’re more a fan of modern, choose a simple globe style. Wherever you choose to hang this beauty, you’ll feel like you just booked a table for two in the deep forest.
- Variety of faux floral supplies — a flowering bush branch will include buds, flowers, stems, leaves and berries
- Small cutting tool
- String lights in a similar length to the garland
- Artificial greenery garland in a length that's similar to the string lights
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1. Snip a dozen small floral elements from your floral supplies, including buds, flowers, stems, leaves and berry bunches with the cutting tool. Leave a bit of wire stem on each so you can wrap them around the garland.
2. Lay them out on the work surface.
3. Place an artificial garland on the work surface. It can be ivy, evergreen, eucalyptus or another type.
4. One by one, take the smaller floral elements that you cut and wrap their bendable stems around the garland at random points.
5. Unscrew the bulbs from the string lights, and put them aside.
6. Wrap the garland around the string light cord.
7. Hang the garland and string light piece up.
8. Insert the bulbs into each string light socket. We chose Edison bulbs, but you can use any style, and you can use an electric light set or a battery-operated one.
9. Enjoy the mellow mood that the flora-rich garland's muted glow creates.

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