Relax and sink into this squeezable burlap bunny pillow that's a cinch to make

There’s nothing more darling than a sweet, soft bunny, but this Peter Cottontail burlap pillow DIY brings a bit of rustic whimsy and is just about as cute as a real bunny. The burlap lends a country feeling to the pillow, and its neutral tone means it will harmonize with virtually any and all color schemes.
You can customize your pillow in countless ways. We use a violet ribbon, but you could make your rabbit holiday-ready with a red satin bow, or glam him up with a glittery pom-pom. Cuddly appeal aside, the pillow will add homespun charm to your guest bed, sofa or the wing chair in your reading nook.
- 24-by-12-inch piece of burlap
- Black Sharpie marker
- Scissors
- Several dozen straight pins in a pin cushion
- Spool of thread in a light color or white
- Sewing needle
- Bag of cotton
- Thin sheet of pale pink craft foam
- White yarn pom-pom
- Hot glue gun
- Glue sticks
- Roll of narrow velvet ribbon in a pastel shade
DIY Everywhere
1. Fold the burlap in half lengthwise to get a double 12-by-12-inch layer.
2. Fold the burlap again and flip it over on the work surface so it’s vertically oriented. The folded edges will be on the left side and the top, while the layered edges will be on the bottom and the right side.
3. Draw the outline for half of a bunny with the marker. This will include half of its head and one ear, and its torso with no extending limbs, just an oval outline that's wider at the bottom.
4. Using the outline as a guide, cut the bunny shape out with the scissors, and put the excess burlap aside.
5. Unfold the burlap to find two full bunny forms on top of each other.
6. Pin the pieces of burlap together at the edges that aren’t connected with the straight pins, and space them about 1 inch apart. Leave the ear tips open and unsewn for stuffing the pillow.
7. Hand-sew the pinned parts together.
8. When done sewing, cut any excess thread with the scissors.
9. Starting at one of the ears, turn the bunny inside out, so the sewn seams are not visible.
10. Insert the cotton through the open ear tips, and keep filling the bunny with cotton until it is completely stuffed.
11. Sew the ear tips closed.
12. Fold the sheet of craft foam in half, and cut out an ear-shaped piece from it with the scissors. You will have two pieces of pink foam that are a bit smaller than the bunny ears.
13. Apply hot glue to one side of each pink foam piece.
14. Attach the foam pieces to the bunny’s ears to create the fuzzy interior parts.
15. Allow the glue to dry.
16. Flip the bunny over, and apply a drop or two of glue to one side of the yarn pom-pom, then attach it to the bottom back side of the pillow, where the bunny’s own bottom is.
17. Flip the bunny over again, so the front of the pillow is facing you.
18. Wrap the ribbon around the bunny’s neck, keeping the ribbon connected to the roll, and tie a knot in the front. Make sure there's excess ribbon coming from the knot, then cut the ribbon from the roll.
19. Trim the ends of the knotted ribbon, so they’re even in length.
20. Place your plush wonder in the spot of your choice.