Buy some sequin at the store & follow this adorable DIY

Wanting to give a loved one an amazing Valentine’s Day surprise is wonderful. Trying to figure out exactly what that gift should be, on the other hand, can be more difficult. Instead of heading to the store, take some time to upgrade a set of pillows already at home. Pastel pillowcases work best for this Valentine’s Day gift that brings sparkle, style and romance into the gift-giving process. With some strategically placed glue and a little time, traditional pillowcases become a his and hers gift that pays tribute to love.
Although any color of sequin trim will do to complete this DIY project, sticking with red helps the design really pop on the pillowcase. Designing the words in cursive styling adds an elegant touch. It may help to draw the words on a piece of paper for reference. To make the pillows stand out, position them on the bed next to a collection of neutral-colored pillows. Amp up the impact of this Valentine’s Day surprise by delivering breakfast in bed.
- Two pastel pillowcases
- 6-millimeter red sequin trim
- Sewing pins
- Leather and suede glue
- Thread snips
- Two pillow inserts
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1. Position a pastel pillowcase on a flat work surface.
2. Unwind a length of 6-millimeter red sequin trim.
3. Position the trim on the pillowcase to spell out the word his in cursive. Keep the sequins in place with sewing pins until the final look is achieved.
4. Remove the pins one by one, and apply leather and suede glue to the back of the sequin trim to secure it, pressing the trim firmly to the pillowcase.
5. Continue gluing until all the pins have been removed, and cut the trim from the spool once you reach the end of the word.
6. Create a second pillowcase following the same steps. This time, add the word hers with sequin trim.
7. Allow the glue to dry completely on both pillowcases before adding the pillow inserts.