Upcycle ceiling fan shades into a floral centerpiece overflowing with color

Not sure what to do with an old lighted ceiling fan? Transform the shades into a quirky floral centerpiece that will add a burst of color to any room. The shades attach to the top of a metal candelabra, offering just the right place to arrange cascading flowers such as wisteria. Display the arrangement on an accent or dining table for a touch of spring all year.
If you don’t have a ceiling fan to upcycle, check for an architectural salvage store in your area. These specialty businesses find and buy building supplies and sell them for next to nothing. You also might find a metal candelabra there or at a thrift store, making this project easy on the environment and your budget.
- Metal candelabra with three candleholders
- Drop cloth
- Spray paint with primer (tutorial uses lavender)
- Three ceiling fan light shades
- E6000 glue
- Latex gloves
- Floral foam
- Cutting mat
- Precision knife
- Faux cascading flowers and greenery
- Wire cutters
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1. Place the candelabra on the drop cloth.
2. Cover it with lavender spray paint on both sides, and allow it to dry.
3. Put on the latex gloves, and apply E6000 glue to the base of a ceiling fan shade. Place the shade on the top of one of the candleholders and press firmly.
4. Repeat until each shade has been attached to a candleholder. Allow to dry according to package directions.
5. While the candelabra is drying, place a block of floral foam on a cutting mat. With the precision knife, cut the block into three equal cubes of foam roughly the size of a ceiling fan shade.
6. Trim the foam cubes so they fit inside each ceiling fan shade.
7. Remove the faux flowers and greenery from the stems with wire cutters.
8. Put the ends into the foam, and arrange the flowers and greenery into a pleasing design.
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