Brighten any room with a rainbow graphic wall hanging made from felt

When visualizing your home's aesthetic, you probably put a great deal of thought into your furniture and larger pieces of art. What you may not have anticipated is the fact that bare walls can look rather cold and clinical, which you can remedy with smaller pieces of art to liven up those walls and contribute personal style.
If your living room or bedroom could benefit from some added character, then this felt wall hanging project may be just the vivid splash of color you're looking for. You'll need only a handful of materials and a free hour or so to make your a eye-catching rainbow decor hanging.
- One strip of felt
- Measuring tape
- Scissors
- Pins
- Lace or fringe trim
- Four different colors of fabric squares, progressively smaller in size
- Curved measuring tool
- Marker
- Sewing machine
- Seam ripper
- Two wooden dowels
- Long strip of yarn
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1. Lay out your felt strip on a flat surface. The exact length of felt can vary, depending on how long you'd like your wall hanging to be.
2. Using the tape measure, fold up the bottom of the felt 1 inch and pin it in place. Repeat with the top of the felt.
3. Turn the felt over, so the folded ends face down.
4. Place the first and largest of the four fabrics in the center of the felt, and fold the square in half. Line the rounded measuring tool up with the edge of the folded square, and mark the curve.
5. Cut along the mark, so that the fabric looks like half of an elongated oval. Pin it to the center of the felt.
6. Measure the strip of trim against the bottom of the fabric, and cut it to fit. Pin the trim in place.
7. Machine-sew along all of the pins you've placed to secure the top and bottom of the felt as well as the first piece of fabric and trim.
8. Repeat the same process with the remaining three strips of fabric that you did with the first piece, moving from largest to smallest, so you're left with a rainbow graphic.
9. If your trim is attached at the bottom, use a seam ripper to free it to make fringe.
10. Insert wooden dowels into the top and bottom tubes of the felt strip. Tie loops in the ends of your strip of yarn, and insert them around the ends of the top wooden dowel.
11. Using the yarn as a hook, hang your new felt wall hanging in your home, and enjoy a brightened aesthetic.

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