Shop for a cloth napkin at the store & copy this chic DIY you can put anywhere in the house

Everyone wants to express themselves and be noticed. We use social media, fashion, music and personal style to express who we are when we go into the world, but it can be difficult to accent our self-expression within our home. Instead of buying dozens of little accent pieces to highlight your home’s signature look, make your own 3-D wall art with a few cloth napkins and a canvas.
While we used a floral print, this tutorial would easily work for any motif. Try to find napkins with a design that incorporates the accent colors of your home and the style of the existing elements of the room. You may want to experiment with the placement of the fabric flowers on the canvas. Add your personal touch and express yourself.
- Canvas
- Cloth napkins, at least two
- Staple gun
- Fabric scissors
- Needle and thread
DIY Everywhere
1. Set out your canvas and lay your cloth napkin on top, centering it as much as possible.
2. Attach the cloth napkin to your canvas by flipping them over and folding the extra fabric over the sides of the canvas. Staple the fabric to the canvas along the back.
3. Remove any excess fabric after you have the napkin attached to the canvas. Set your canvas piece aside.
4. Using your second cloth napkin, cut 3-by-3-inch squares. You will use these squares to make fabric flowers you will attach to the front of your canvas. You will need eight squares per flower. For more flowers on your canvas, you may need additional napkins.
5. To assemble the flowers, set aside eight squares, and fold the pieces into quarters. Cut each folded piece into a heart shape.
6. Sew the eight pieces together by pinching the center and running a threaded needle through it. String the remaining pieces on the thread in the same way. Finish the flower by looping and tying the thread.
7. Decide where you want to place your fabric flower on your napkin-covered canvas. Run a threaded needle through the canvas, back to front, and thread the fabric flower onto the thread. Repeat a couple of times through the same flower to securely attach it to the canvas. Tie off the thread, and move on to the next flower.
8. Attach as many flowers as you wish, and find your favorite place to display your new canvas art.