Design an elegant and romantic centerpiece for the table on Valentine's Day

Enhancing just the right holiday vibe during Valentine’s Day begins with adding a centerpiece to the dinner table that brings color, sparkle and elegance. Whether you are expecting family and friends, or a romantic dinner for two is in the works, this centerpiece brings a festive touch to the holiday theme. Combine it with a collection of surrounding candles to impress guests.
The core of the centerpiece rests with a personalized bouquet of faux roses and greenery, but it’s the custom glitter hearts that make it pop. Sprinkling gold glitter will elevate the elegance factor, but swap out that color for pink or red to achieve a more casual look. Selecting a vase with gold detailing will accent the glitter and shine that are the focus of this project. The centerpiece will really dazzle under dim lighting.
- Protective paper
- 3 small foam craft hearts
- Home Décor Chalk in Vintage Victorian
- 2 small glass bowls
- Plastic gloves
- Paintbrush
- Mod Podge glue and finish
- Flat-bristle paintbrush
- Gold glitter
- 3 green floral craft stems
- 7 faux red roses
- 2 faux white daisy sprigs with leaves
- Stem of faux green leaves
- Rubber band
- Wire cutters
- Twine
- Scissors
- Vase, preferably with gold detailing
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a sheet of protective paper on top of the work surface.
2. Fill a small glass bowl with Home Décor Chalk in Vintage Victorian.
3. Put on plastic gloves, and paint the entire surface of a small foam craft heart in Vintage Victorian.
4. Fill another small glass bowl with Mod Podge glue and finish.
5. Once the foam heart is completely dry, paint the entire surface with Mod Podge using a flat-bristle paintbrush.
6. Sprinkle gold glitter onto both sides of the foam heart, filling in any interior spaces that are harder to reach.
7. Press a green, floral craft stem through the bottom of the foam heart.
8. Create two additional glitter hearts with stems using steps 3 to 7. Remove the protective paper sheet when the three hearts are complete.
9. Arrange a bouquet using seven faux red roses, two white daisy sprigs with leaves and a single stem of faux green leaves.
10. Wrap a rubber band around the stems to keep them in place.
11. Position the three glitter hearts and stems within the bouquet.
12. Trim excess wire at the bottom of the bouquet.
13. Wrap twine around the stems just above the rubber band and tie a half knot to keep it in place.
14. Keep winding the twin around the stems until it completely hides the rubber band. Knot the twine at the front and cut away the excess at the ends.
14. Place the bouquet in the vase.

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