Design a trendy geometric table runner out of cloth napkins

Nothing spices up a table setting quite like a trendy table runner. Finding one that fits your precise aesthetic when you're entertaining can prove a tall order, though, so why not take matters into your own hands?
If you have a set of cloth napkins you no longer want to use but cannot bring yourself to get rid of, reincarnate them as the star of your dining room table. Transforming cloth napkins into a table runner is simpler than you might imagine, and will give your next dinner party a highly curated vibe.
- Measuring tape
- Base fabric
- Cutting mat
- Rotary cutter
- Cloth napkin
- Marking tool
- Tassel trim
- Ruler
- Pins
- Sewing machine
- Thread
- Serger (optional)
DIY Everywhere
1. Measure the table and decide how large to make the table runner.
2. Cut base fabric into that size using the rotary cutter. The tutorial uses a piece 55 1/2 inches by 6 inches.
3. Put a folded napkin on the cutting mat. Using a rotary cutter, trim the hem off the napkin, and cut it into 3-inch strips.
4. Fold the base fabric in half, and mark the center with the marking tool.
5. Fold down one end of a strip to form a triangle, and cut off the flap. Repeat on three more strips.
6. Place the strips, triangle ends touching, in the center of the base fabric to form a diamond shape; the edges of the napkins will hang off of the base fabric.
7. Secure the strips with pins, and trim the extra fabric from the napkins so the shape doesn't extend beyond the edge of the base fabric.
8. Create triangle ends on the remaining napkin strips by folding down one end to form a triangle and cutting off the flap.
9. Put the strips on the base fabric, triangle sides together, to mirror the chevron shapes in the center.
10. Continue until chevrons cover the entire length of the runner, and pin the strips to the base fabric.
11. Trim the ends of the runner to match the farthest chevron point, so the base fabric ends in a point.
12. Starting with the outermost chevron, sew the chevron shapes to the base fabric with the sewing machine, removing pins as you go.
13. If you have a serger, serge the edges of the runner for a more polished look.
14. Pin the tassel trim to the back side of the runner with the tassels sticking out.
15. Sew all sides of the trim using the sewing machine.