Pour Plaster of Paris in bucket and create this simple idea

Displaying favorite photos in frames is a common practice when those who want to integrate meaningful memories and images of loved ones into home décor. Although purchasing a standard frame is always an option, creating a DIY frame that incorporates artificial flowers and Plaster of Paris is a beautiful way to frame photos with a touch of personality. This simple-to-create project doesn’t take long, and it results in a one of a kind frame that’s sure to add unique texture into home design.
Plaster of Paris is quick to mix up, and when it’s poured over the flexible petals and leaves of artificial flowers, dries into abstract shapes that are durable and eye-catching. Adding a little bit of color into the mix can result in a whimsical effect. Fill a frame with a floral image to enhance the color and shape of the plaster outline, or simply add a favorite photo that is easy to swap in and out. Setting this plaster flower frame on a bookshelf helps pull color schemes together.
- Photo frame, preferably 5-by-7 inches
- 2 springs of artificial flowers
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- 5-pound bag of Plaster of Paris
- Small mixing bowl
- Plastic gloves
- 1 cup measuring spoon
- Measuring cup
- Large plastic mixing bowl
- Black Diamond powder pigment in Purple Haze
- Wooden craft stick
- Photo
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1. Remove the backing and glass from a photo frame.
2. Cut a sprig of artificial flowers to size so it lies on the frame evenly over the top edge and extends halfway down the left side. Trim away any small stems that extend too far beyond the frame.
3. Hot glue the artificial flower sprig in place on the frame.
4. Cut a second sprig of artificial flowers to size so it lies on the bottom right corner of the frame and extends from the middle of the bottom edge to the middle of the right side.
5. Hot glue the second length of artificial flowers in place.
6. Put on the plastic gloves, and scoop 1 cup of Plaster of Paris into a small mixing bowl.
7. Fill a measuring cup with 1 cup of water.
8. Place the frame flower-side up inside a large plastic mixing bowl.
9. Add a dash of Black Diamond powder pigment in Purple Haze to the plaster. Mix it into the plaster using a wooden craft stick. Add two additional dashes of pigment, and mix the plaster and color together.
10. Pour 1 cup of water into the plaster, and mix until it creates a creamy paste.
11. Transfer the plaster from the small mixing bowl into the measuring cup.
12. Pour the plaster onto the frame in the large mixing bowl. (If you prefer, dip the frame into the plaster.) Use the wooden craft stick stick to makes sure the plaster covers all of the stems and flowers evenly. It can also scrape the plaster evenly along the sides of the frame and backing.
13. Wait until the plaster is completely dry before adding a photo and replacing the glass and frame backing.