Breeze-driven beauty: Create a beautiful, beachy wind chime in no time

What’s more reminiscent of a relaxing summer day than the delicate tinkling of a wind chime? This DIY infuses your space with a chill vibe that will make you want to put your feet up. With its mini starfish and clam shell embellishments, you’ll be immediately whisked to the beach, if only for a moment, every time you look at it.
The starfish wind chime will draw compliments when you entertain, and soothe when you’re alone. There are endless possibilities for places to hang it, whether from an overhead light fixture or ceiling fan, in front of a window or on your back porch. This chime looks like it came from a chic little specialty shop, but you don’t have to let on that it’s 100% homemade!
- Roll of clear monofilament fishing line
- Scissors
- Small starfish charms
- Hot glue gun
- Glue sticks
- Small gold finish clamshell beads
- Grapevine sphere, about 6 inches in diameter
- 4 miniature silver wind chimes
- Spool of natural twine
DIY Everywhere
1. Unroll about 12 inches of fishing line from the roll.
2. Cut the line from the roll with the scissors.
3. Place one end of the piece of fishing line against the back of one of the starfish, and apply a few drops of glue.
4. Take a second starfish, and affix its back side to the other starfish. The end of the line will be sandwiched between the starfish.
5. Tie a knot in the fishing line about 1 inch from the starfish.
6. Run the fishing line through the small hole in the center of a clamshell bead and bring it up against the knot.
7. Tie another knot in the line on the other side of the clamshell bead. This will hold the bead in place.
8. Repeat step 5, but tie the knot 1 inch from the clamshell you just strung.
9. Repeat steps 6 and 7.
10. Repeat steps 5-7 two more times, so there are a total of four clamshells strung in-between the tied knots on the fishing line underneath the starfish.
11. Repeat steps 1-10 two more times, so you have a total of three pieces of fishing line with starfish at the ends of the lines and clamshells strung in succession next to them. The pieces of fishing line can be slightly different lengths.
12. Place the grapevine ball on the work surface, and tie each starfish-shell string to one end of the ball, so they form a row. Snip any excess fishing line away with the scissors after the knotting process.
13. String about 6 inches of fishing line through the hole at the top of one of the wind chimes.
14. Tie a knot at the end of the fishing line closest to the hole where it was threaded through each chime, so the chime stays in place.
15. Thread the other end of the fishing line through the bottom of the grapevine ball, and tie a knot to securely attach the line to the ball.
16. Trim the excess line with the scissors from where you tied the wind chimes to the ball.
17. Repeat steps 13-16 three more times. You can vary the length of the fishing line pieces, so the chimes fall at slightly different places.
18. Unroll about 6 inches of twine from the spool, and cut it.
19. Double up the length of twine, and tie a knot on one end of the double layer of twine.
20. Thread the looped end through the top of the ball, bring the knotted end through the loop, and pull it tight. You will now have a loop to hang the wind chime from, and it should be securely attached to the ball.
21. Hang your delicately tinkling starfish where you like — no matter what location you choose, you’re sure to be soothed by the music it creates with each passing breeze.