Continue wrapping the yarn and gluing it in place & put together this cute DIY

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday dedicated to letting loved ones know they are truly special. It’s also a holiday that comes with plenty of options for incorporating the colors pink, red and white into home décor. Instead of purchasing wall art to celebrate this time of year, strategically combine craft wire and yarn to create customized Valentine’s Day heart art that’s sure to inspire.
Craft wire transforms into a heart-shaped frame with colorful yarn in white, pink, or red for a soft and eye-catching cover. Once complete, these fuzzy hearts can hang from a single dowel and used as one-of-a-kind wall art anywhere. Adults should take the lead on shaping the wire, but kids will love adding a personal touch. The finished project can act as a mobile in a child's room or hung in the living room near an end table decorated with a pastel vase, mug, or corresponding flowers for added holiday appeal.
- 19-gauge craft wire
- Ruler
- Wire cutters
- Pliers
- White rope yarn
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors
- Light pink felt swatch, 5 x 7 inches (will need an extra to make two hearts)
- Pink yarn
- Wooden dowel rod 12 inches long
DIY Everywhere
1. Measure and cut a 12-inch length of 19-gauge craft wire with wire cutters.
2. Shape the wire into a heart, allowing the ends to meet in the center and slightly overlap.
3. Twist one end of the wire at the center of the heart around the other with the help of pliers.
4. Apply a spot of hot glue to one side of the wire heart, and wrap the end of a length of white rope yarn around the glue.
5. Continue wrapping the yarn and gluing it in place until the entire perimeter of the wire heart has been covered. Trim the yarn away from the spool where the ends meet.
6. Outline the back of the heart with hot glue and press it firmly to a swatch of light pink felt.
7. Cut around the entire outline of the heart so the felt creates a heart-shaped backing.
8. Apply a line of hot glue along the interior of the heart on top of the felt and next to the white rope yarn. Press the end of a length of pink yarn to the glue.
9. Outline the entire interior of the heart with glue, and attach pink yarn until the ends meet once more. Continue gluing the pink yarn in concentric circles until it completely covers the interior of the heart.
10. To create a second heart, follow steps 1 to 9 using opposite colors, with pink yarn forming the outline, and the interior filling with white rope yarn.
11. Knot the end of a length of pink yarn around the dowel rod. Tie the knot on the right side keeping approximately 3 inches from the edge.
12. Allow the yarn to hang down from the dowel rod to a length of about 8 inches before cutting it away from the skein.
13. Apply a spot of hot glue to the back of the heart near the top center point, and press it to the pink yarn that’s hanging down from the dowel rod.
14. Repeat this attachment process with a second shorter piece of yarn near the left side of the dowel rod for the second heart if necessary.
15. Cut a length of white yarn and an identical length of pink yarn to 12 inches long, and knot them together at one end.
16. Knot the free end of white yarn to the right end of the dowel rod, and cut the excess yarn away.
17. Knot the free end of the pink yarn to the left end of the dowel rod, and cut the excess yarn away.