Purchase a hot glue gun at the store & mimic this sweet project

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate your loved ones in personalized style. When it comes to catering to those you care about most, share the love with a heartwarming design. Whether Valentine’s Day this year means hosting a dinner party for friends and family or is more about spending romantic time with your significant other, try incorporating colorful hearts into your décor for a festive and charming strategy.
This paper heart chandelier is just as fun and easy to make for adults as it is for children. Stamp out a collection of colorful hearts in shades of pink and purple, and connect the paper hearts to lengths of fishing line to give the illusion that they're floating, adding to the whimsical effect. Connecting the lengths of hearts to a central craft hoop upgrades the finished look of this Valentine’s Day chandelier and makes it easy to move it from place to place. Hang it above the dining room table when family and friends come to celebrate, or keep it in a child’s room year-round as a reminder that they're always loved.
-Construction paper (10 sheets): 2 sheets of each hue including magenta, dark pink, light pink, pastel pink and white
-Large heart-stamp paper punch
-Monofilament fishing line
-Hot glue gun
-Wooden craft hoop, 12 inches in diameter
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1. Place a sheet of magenta construction paper on a flat working surface.
2. Stamp out 10 paper hearts using a large heart-shaped paper punch.
3. Stamp out 10 paper hearts from each of the remaining four pieces of construction paper. Each set of hearts should feature a different color, including dark pink, light pink, pastel pink and white. Keep the four sets of paper hearts together by color, and set them to the side.
4. Apply a line of hot glue from top to bottom down the center of one of the magenta paper hearts.
5. Press the end of a string of monofilament fishing line along the glue.
6. Outline the magenta paper heart in hot glue, and press a second magenta heart on top, making sure the edges are even and that the fishing line is covered.
7. Attach two additional magenta paper hearts above the first on the fishing line using the same gluing technique. Continue adding pairs of magenta hearts to the line until they are all used, making sure each set is evenly spaced above the one below.
8. Extend the fishing line out at the top when the last set of hearts is attached, making sure to allow enough line to eventually tie the ends together. In many cases, you'll need at least 18 inches of length before cutting the line from the spool.
9. Repeat this attachment process for each of the remaining sets of colorful paper hearts. This will result in five lengths of even fishing line, each displaying five sets of hearts in varying colors.
10. Tie the magenta line of hearts to a 12-inch wooden craft hoop. Knot the fishing line at the top of the hoop leaving enough excess to gather at the center while the hearts spill down toward the ground.
11. Tie the remaining four lengths of fishing lines and hearts around the hoop, making sure they are evenly spaced.
12. Gather the excess fishing line from all five strings of hearts at the center top, and tie them into a single knot. Trim away extra at the top as needed.
13. Apply hot glue around the perimeter of the hoop, and press a series of paper hearts to it to create a colorful exterior. Alternate colors in sets of two, making sure each paper heart touches the edge of the one next to it. This step requires stamping out approximately 15 additional paper hearts to complete the circle.
14. Hang your paper heart chandelier over the dining room table from the knotted fishing line, and celebrate Valentine’s Day in colorful and creative style.